Radiology CME Course Highlight: “Cases I’d Like To Do Over”

“If you so choose, every mistake can lead to greater understanding and effectiveness.” It’s a motto that anyone in healthcare should take to heart, especially those in radiology. Whether you’re just starting out as a CT technologist or have been in the industry for decades, there will come a time when you get a case that haunts you for the rest of your career.

Even the most experienced rad-techs get it wrong sometimes, but it’s not so much the mistake that matters as it is what you do with it. The best CT technologists are the ones that, when faced with a mistake on a former case, take the time to examine it, reflect upon their choices and the details of the situation, learn from that mistake, and use that knowledge to become a better and more effective technologist.

The week’s spotlighted CME course, “Cases I’d Like To Do Over”, does exactly that. Blending experience from all four major CT manufacturers and diverse CT exam types, four radiologist-technologist teams each present a one-hour session on cases that did not come out as desired. Analysis seeks root causes for the shortfalls, providing a structured and comprehensive assessment of the original exam request, pre-procedural communications and protocol section, patient preparation, patient characteristics at the time of the CT scan, the CT procedure and post-procedural management, image analysis, and interpretation of what went wrong and how to implement change to assure that the issue does not recur in the future.

“Cases I’d Like To Do Over” is part of ISCT’s CT Academy track, one of three specialized tracks from our 2017 TrifeCTa Symposium. Our CT Academy courses cover the fundamental topics of CT technologies, techniques, and protocols. They’re packed full of “nuts and bolts” topics and practical expert tips necessary to help maximize quality, save dose, and get the images you need. They’re must-watch courses for any CT technologist, whether you’re new to the industry or have been practicing for decades. You can learn more about our “Cases I’d Like To Do Over” course here, or check out our other radiology CME courses on our education on-demand site!