Radiology CME Course Spotlight: "Understanding & Maximizing CT’s Internal Value Chain"

From accepting referrals to image patients to imaging, reporting, and informed decision making from CT scanning, the delivery of CT services and interpretations is a complex endeavor involving a diverse team of radiologists, technologists, and administrators. Pressured by declining reimbursements, radiology practices and departments are consistently challenged to assure that internal resources are applied as effectively and efficiently as is possible.

Value has become a huge topic of conversation in the healthcare world as a whole, and radiology is no exception. What value do radiologists contribute to our healthcare system? What determines that value, how is it measured and attributed? How does it play into the value of the services, and in turn the value of the entire radiology system? All across the US, and even the world, members of the radiology community are scrambling for a way to answer these questions, but it’s not easy.

Radiology’s internal value chain is of crucial importance, and it’s a subject that merits in-depth discussion. That’s why it’s the topic of this week’s spotlighted CME course, “Understanding & Maximizing CT’s Internal Value Chain”. This multi-hour session focuses upon building the value of CT from the perspective of the CT practice and department by articulating the radiology value chain and navigating through it to derive value across each element.

Topics of discussion include:

•Costing, Radiology’s role in determining appropriateness

•Protocol standardization

•Patient intake

•Imaging workflow

•The patient journey

•Monitoring quality and safety

•Post processing and quantitation

•Peer review, actionable reporting and communication,

•Data mining

•Direct patient consultation

•The impact of revenue sources

“Understanding & Maximizing CT’s Internal Value Chain” is part of ISCT’s Cutting Edge Mini-Symposia track from our 2017 CT symposium, which highlights advanced and cutting edge topics pertaining to CT technology and practice. Expert panel and audience-involved discussions provide context for the topics and voicing of diverging options. You can learn more about this course here, or check out our other radiology CME courses on our education on-demand site!