ISCT Video Content Coming Your Way

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We are exactly 8 months away from ISCT 2017! It feels like just yesterday that we were wrapping up this year’s symposium, and we’re already counting down the days until our next one.

ISCT16 was one of our best conferences yet, and as we start to gear up for next year’s conference we’d love to spend some time highlighting our favorite parts from the ISCT 2016 conference. That’s why, starting on Monday and continuing for the next few months, we’ll be sharing lots of incredible video footage from this year’s symposium.

It’s not only a great way to relive some of our favorite ISCT16 memories, it’ll also get all of us excited as we start thinking about next year’s conference and the awesome new topics we’ll be revealing! Here’s some of the video content you can expect to see over the next few weeks:

Speaker Session Content

If you weren’t at this year’s conference, you definitely missed out! The topics we covered at ISCT16 were some of the most exciting yet (we’re talking cutting-edge topics, the latest and greatest industry innovations, and hot-topic debates that will blow your mind), but the sessions we’ve got in store for our 2017 conference are going to be even more impressive! We’ll be sharing videos of our speakers discussing the content they shared at this past symposium. If you’ve never been to our conference and are considering it, these will be super helpful in determining whether the content we’re discussing is relevant to you and your team! (spoiler alert: it will be)

CT Industry Related Q&A’s

Our speaker lineup this year was incredible, highlighting some of the best and brightest minds in the world of CT. We got the chance to sit down with several of the them and pick their brains about a lot of industry-related issues, and we’ll be sharing that video content with the rest of you! One of our favorite Q&A’s? “What most excites you about the future of CT”.

Conference Tidbits

If you’re an ISCT newbie and you’re trying to decide whether 2017’s conference is worth the trip, videos from this category will really help you out. We’ll be sharing discussions on what different speakers enjoy most about our annual ISCT symposium, and why it’s valuable to peers in the industry. We’ll also be sharing some montages of conference activity, so check these out and you just might spot yourself making an appearance!

We’re really excited to be sharing these memories with you, and we hope this will get you as excited about our upcoming conference as we already are! Stay tuned for video updates, and keep checking back to the site. We’ll be starting to share more information about next year’s conference, including session titles/topics, speakers, etc.