ISCT Launches Full ISCT 2018 Program

For months now our program directors have been hard at work identifying the most important and innovative topics in the CT industry and compiling a program for ISCT 2018 that’s comprehensive, tactical, and dives deeply into each issue. We’re thrilled to announce that the full ISCT 2018 program is officially live on our website! 

There are so many changes happening in CT right now, far too many for any individual to keep up with on their own, and we’re covering as many as possible at our symposium this September. Our 2018 CT symposium will cover a variety of tough industry topics ranging from workflow issues and concerns about AI to lung cancer screening guidelines, tips for standardized reporting and updates on advancements in CT technology and protocols 

We’re particularly excited about one new session that’s been added this year. Diagnostic CT, and the challenges that surround it, has always been a strong point of emphasis at our annual CT symposium, but this year we're dedicating a whole session to strange and interesting cases of diagnostic note. It's titled "Cases That Will Blow Your Mind", and it's led by some of the world's leading radiologists who cover some of the weirdest and most challenging real-life cases they've faced over their years in the industry. 

You can find our whole agenda here, with specific information about every single talk that will be presented at ISCT 2018. Below is our Program At A Glance, which highlights the overarching session topics for our 2018 CT conference: 


Every year the ISCT brings experts from across the globe together to discuss, debate, and answer the question: “What’s happening in the world of CT?” From the technology itself to the protocols, techniques, and applications, staying on top of the changes in the CT industry is a never-ending journey, one that requires constant learning and a commitment to professional growth. Our symposium offers a unique opportunity to continue this growth with hundreds of the top industry professionals in an environment that’s collaborative, innovative, and encourages the challenging of existing thoughts and the provoking of new ideas.  

If you haven’t already registered for ISCT 2018, secure your spot today and save 15% on registration by using the code: “2018program”.