This September hundreds of industry experts will gather together in San Diego at ISCT 2018 to exchange ideas, build relationships, and deep dive into the hot-button challenges and innovations facing the world of CT. This will be the 20th time we've held our annual international symposium on CT, and it’s shaping up to be our most sensational yet. For two decades now we've gathered hundreds of radiologists, technologists, medical physicists, and other members of the radiology world together to hear new computed tomography discussions on technical development, radiation, contrast enhancement, dual-energy CT, etc.

Our symposium is specifically designed to benefit not just radiologists, but members from every aspect of the department. Whether you're interested in methods for standardized reporting, the potential impact of artificial intelligence, the clinical implementation of dual energy techniques, solving workflow conundrums, understanding the impact of various scanner options or contributing to patient management through CT interpretation, our 2018 CT symposium has it all.

This year’s symposium presents an incredible opportunity for education and growth, both personally and professionally. Every radiology conference has its benefits, here are 5 reasons to attend ours:

1. Amazing Industry Leaders

We’ve held the ISCT symposium for 20 years, and while there have been many changes over the last two decades the one thing that has remained constant is the caliber of our faculty and symposium content. Our discussions are presented and moderated by the top radiology experts from around the world, and we’re proud to have a faculty comprised of many of the leading experts in CT practice and research. Each of our ISCT 2018 faculty members dedicates a passion for radiology, and has devoted their lives to improving CT through research, practice, or academia.

2. Over 100 Innovative CT Talks

The reason we have our conference every single year is because there are always new advancements being made in computed tomography technology. Part of staying at the forefront of our industry is ensuring that your organization and its employees are constantly educated and kept up to date on the newest discoveries, trainings, protocols, and standards. Our CT symposium provides attendees with an invaluable opportunity to be part of the latest conversations about the changes surrounding computed tomography, and ensures that your department will remain in the know.

3. An Emphasis on Case-Based Talks

Diagnosis, and the challenges that surround it, has always been a strong point of emphasis at our annual CT symposium. It is, after all, the backbone of radiology. In the past we’ve peppered some case-based talks into our program, and the feedback we’ve received from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive. These talks provide a way for attendees to field diagnostic questions, discuss pitfalls and challenges in the reading room, and learn as they see how their peers approach different diagnoses. This year, the ISCT has taken steps to make our CT symposium even more case-based with the addition of a new session: “Cases That Will Blow Your Mind”. Presented by some of the world’s leading radiologists who will delight you with real-life clinical challenges of shock and surprise, this session goes one step further than our case-based talks from previous years by specifically highlighting complex and unique cases that would baffle even the most experienced rads.

4. Intense Debates

We introduced debates a few years ago, and they were by far one of our attendee's favorite parts of our annual symposium. These debates allow attendees to engage with the experts and take a side on controversial issues in CT. We believe the ISCT conference is a great time to talk about things that professionals usually shy away from, and that controversial topics must be discussed. While they’re not a predominant focus in the program for this year, debates will still be making an appearance at ISCT 2018!

5. The Location

If you’ve attended an ISCT symposium in the past, then chances are you’re familiar with our traditional (and breathtakingly beautiful) meeting location: San Francisco. The city of San Francisco holds a huge spot in our hearts, which is why year after year it's our go-to destination for our annual symposium. This year, as a treat to ourselves and our attendees as we celebrate our anniversary, we’re making our 20th annual CT symposium extra special by moving it to one of our favorite cities in the US: San Diego!

There’s a reason why San Diego was voted the 10th best place to visit in the US! Whether you prefer soaking up rays on sandy white beaches, taking in the scenery of state parks, experiencing a vibrant dining scene, sightseeing in the city, or admiring the animals at one of the country’s top zoos, San Diego has something for everyone. When they’re not in sessions, attendees can take advantage of everything the city has to offer!

We could talk for days about why ISCT 2018 is the best radiology conference out there, but we've found that the best way to discover this is by experiencing it yourself firsthand. Every year attendees reach out post-conference to tell us how inspired they were by this event. If you are in the field of computed technology, there is nothing quite like ISCT meeting. 

Spots are filling up, register for ISCT 2018 today!