ISCT 2019 Session Highlight: Skeletal CT

ISCT 2019 is less than two months away, and already our 21st annual international symposium on CT is shaping up to be one of the most impactful yet. The faculty are talented, the program is rich and multifaceted, and the venue is beautiful. This year we’re putting an emphasis on 5 CT subspecialty areas of interest, with one session devoted to each of our primary subspecialties: chest, neuro, cardiovascular, skeletal, and abdominal. Additional sessions dedicated to pediatric imaging, CT technologies, and workflow/reporting round out the 2019 program, providing a comprehensive update on every aspect of CT interest. 

We’re excited for all of this year’s sessions, but want to highlight one of particular interest for many attendees: our MSK session. Organized by Dr. Christopher Beaulieu, Chief of Musculoskeletal Imaging at the Stanford University Medical Center, the skeletal session will provide a comprehensive overview of the latest applications, technologies, and innovations within this dynamic subspecialty area of CT. 

Not sure if this session is for you? Here’s what Dr. Beaulieu has to say. 

Do you think bone CT is boring and routine?  Well think again. In the skeletal session at ISCT, you and your technologists will learn essential concepts about how to optimize image acquisition and reconstruction for maximum clinical value.  We will discuss imaging around metallic implants, dual energy imaging applications, advanced 3D applications, and how AI is being applied to skeletal imaging. Advances in CT and computation are revolutionizing MSK CT, and this session will be a great way to get up to speed!

Talks Included in this Session

  • Protocol Overhaul: Essential Concepts for High Quality Extremity CT: What Rads & Techs Need to Know

  • Good CT, Bad CT: Optimizing Image Quality in Patients with Metallic Implants

  • How to Read Nontraumatic CT of the Lumbar Spine & Hip: What do Surgeons Want to Know?

  • Controversies in Study Interpretation: Can CT Post-processing Eliminate the Need to Change Window & Level Settings?

  • MSK CT Update 2019 Part 1: Soft Tissue & Advanced 3D Applications of MSK CT

  • MSK CT Update 2019 Part 2: Dual Energy & Conventional CT Evaluation of Bone Marrow

  • Artificial Intelligence in MSK CT: AI Won't Leave the Bones Alone

This is just one of several robust sessions designed to increase your clinical value, educate you on the latest updates within CT practice and research, and hone your technical skills. If you haven’t registered yet for ISCT 2019, save 30% by registering today with the code SPECTRALCT.