Artificial Intelligence At ISCT 2019: Program Theme Highlight

Artificial intelligence is and will continue to be one of the hottest topics in radiology. From applications and use cases for the technology to how AI and deep learning will affect radiologists' livelihoods and a variety of CT subspecialties, the theme of artificial intelligence will be emphasized throughout the entire 2019 program at ISCT 2019, our annual CT conference.

The Talks

  • AI-Enabled Acquisition: Recent Clinical Implementations

  • AI in Chest CT: Distinguishing & Characterizing Cancerous Nodules

  • AI Tumor Response Evaluation in Body CT

  • AI Triage of CT Studies

  • AI in Abdominal CT: What's Up?

  • AI Alerts at the Scanner

  • Artificial Intelligence in MSK CT: AI Won't Leave the Bones Alone

  • How do you get an AI to Think like a Radiologist? Automated CT Detection & Classification of ICH!

The Radiology Faculty

Our artificial intelligence talks will be presented by AI experts from across the country, who hail from some of the country’s most prestigious organizations and are uniquely qualified to discuss innovations within AI and how the technology can be integrated into a variety of subspecialty CT areas.

Artificial intelligence is just one of 7 central themes that will be prominently emphasized throughout the entirety of the 2019 program at our CT conference this year. Take some time to explore our ISCT 2019 program in depth and learn more about the themes we’ll be discussing this September.