5 Reasons To Attend ISCT's 2019 CT Conference

In just two weeks, hundreds of industry experts will gather together in San Diego at ISCT 2019 to exchange ideas, build relationships, and dive deeply into the latest challenges and innovations facing the world of CT. For over two decades now we've gathered hundreds of radiologists, technologists, medical physicists, and other members of the radiology community together to hear new computed tomography discussions on technical development, radiation, contrast enhancement, multi-energy CT, etc.

Our symposium is specifically designed to benefit not just radiologists, but members from every aspect of the department. This year’s program holds true to ISCT standards, packed with more than 85 tactical, CT-specific talks designed to assure that you, our audience, are prepared to leverage your CT technology and orient your CT practice to the greatest benefit for your patients, both today and into the future.

It's an incredible chance for education and growth, both personally and professionally. Every radiology conference has its benefits, here are 5 reasons to attend ours:

1. A Long History Of Innovation Within CT

This will be the 21st time we've held our annual international symposium on CT, and there’s a reason why our organization has stayed around for so long. Each year there are advancements made in CT technology, and each year we encourage the radiology community to stay at the forefront of these changes by ensuring that they are educated and kept up to date on the newest discoveries, trainings, protocols and standards within the CT industry.

Our symposium has a rich history and is renowned as the most comprehensive symposium of CT available. The ISCT is regaled internationally for our innovative content, content that is known for being tactical, substantial, and cutting edge. CT innovation has been our calling card for over two decades, and that won’t change anytime soon.

2. Amazing Industry Leaders

Our discussions are presented and moderated by the top radiology experts from around the world. Last year’s symposium featured premier faculty from Canada, Europe, and 16 states across the US, allowing for a diverse set of perspectives and insight. It’s rare to get a chance to hear from the brightest minds in radiology, and even more rare to actually be given an opportunity to collaborate and communicate with these industry leaders firsthand. Access to faculty is a huge benefit of attending our CT symposium in person rather than watching remotely via the ISCT 2019 live stream.

3. An Unbiased Presentation of Facts & the Challenging of Opinions

It has always been our belief that there are two sides to every argument, and that both deserve the chance to be heard. There were many advancements in CT during 2018, and as with anything in life there will be members of the radiology community who feel strongly for or against them. Change can be good, but it often presents with challenges. Ignoring these challenges does nothing to solve the problem, and it is through respectful and informed debate and discussion that solutions are often found.

You won’t see us sugarcoating any topics or trying to only put a positive spin on the issues we discuss at ISCT 2019. Our faculty are encouraged to examine both sides when it comes to the topics they’re discussing, and debate amongst themselves and with the audience. We believe that even the most controversial topics in CT should be discussed, and we encourage open and honest conversation between our attendees and faculty members. We hope that, through this discussion of opposing beliefs, we can uncover a solution to the challenges facing CT.

4. Unique Presentation Structure

We understand that our attendee's time is precious. Because of that, we've worked to create a unique presentation structure that's valuable and time efficient. Our talks are powerful, packed with information, and only as long as they need to be. You won't see us stretching out a 10-minute topic into an hour-long presentation. With the exception of our rapid-fire Cases That Will Blow Your Mind presentations, our talks are all 15 minutes this year, with extra time at the end of each session allocated for discussion. We do this to ensure that attendees are able to maximize their time at our symposium.

5. The Location

Last year we relocated to San Diego for our 20 year anniversary, and due to popular demand we are returning once more to the US Grant for ISCT 2019. There’s a reason why San Diego was voted the 10th best place to visit in the US! Whether you prefer soaking up rays on sandy white beaches, taking in the scenery of state parks, experiencing a vibrant dining scene, sightseeing in the city, or admiring the animals at one of the country’s top zoos, San Diego has something for everyone. When they’re not in sessions, attendees can take advantage of everything the city has to offer!

We could talk for days about why ISCT’s annual CT symposium is the best radiology conference out there, but we've found that the best way to discover this is by experiencing it yourself firsthand. Every year attendees reach out post-conference to tell us how inspired they were by this event. If you are in the field of computed technology, there is nothing quite like ISCT meeting.