About ISCT's Education On-Demand

For over two decades the ISCT has designed and held a comprehensive annual symposium for enhanced CT learning, the goal of which was to provide a platform that promoted the exchange of ideas and allowed radiologists, technologists, and physicists from across the globe to come together, collaborate, debate and explore the challenges and innovations facing our industry, and grow.

The two shining stars of ISCT’s annual CT symposium are the scope and quality of content (our 2019 symposium will be comprised of over 100 CT-specific talks that span a variety of subspecialties) and the faculty speaking at the event. It’s not every day that you get the chance to learn from some of the biggest names in radiology, and our symposium provides attendees an opportunity to do just that.

As much as we love in-person conferences as a format for CME, we also understand that not everyone has the time or flexibility of schedule to be able to attend our symposium in person. The radiology industry is a busy one, and just because you possess the desire to continue your education and seek self-growth doesn’t mean that you necessarily have the time to be able to do so.

That’s why for years now we’ve been offering CME Education On-Demand content in tandem with our traditional symposium, so people who weren’t able to make the trip to San Diego last year for ISCT 2018 can still experience all the action, earn CME credits, grow their industry knowledge, and catch up on highlights from 2018 as they prepare themselves for ISCT 2019 - all at their own pace in a way that’s most convenient for them.

Two years ago we launched our state-of-the-art Education On-Demand site, where enduring content from our previous symposia is packaged and available for purchase as a way for members at all levels of the radiology community to enhance their CT knowledge, stay up to date on the newest industry protocols and innovations, and earn CME credits.

Who is ISCT’s Education On-Demand for?

Our Education On-Demand content is for all members of the radiology community, from residents and technologists looking to acquire foundational knowledge to experienced radiologists and physicists taking on bigger leadership roles and even to practice administrators interested in adding value to their department.

Why should I utilize e-Learning?

Education On-Demand is the most cost-effective and convenient way to learn. Time is valuable, and our On-Demand CME content saves money, saves time, and offers a convenient alternative to traditional educational conferences that fits the unique needs and busy lifestyles of members of the radiology community.

How does ISCT’s Education On-Demand work?

ISCT's Education On-Demand content can be consumed on an as-you'd-like-it basis as either a full course or in byte-sized bits from your phone, desktop or tablet. Watch whatever you want whenever you want to from the comfort of your home or your desk, or even utilize our content in training sessions with your department.

The world of radiology is constantly changing, and CT is no exception. There is no doubt that continuing your medical education is key to establishing yourself as a relevant, valuable member of the radiology community, and finding the time to advance your professional knowledge is essential. On-demand content is one of the best channels for this educational growth, and it provides an element of flexibility that is incredibly valuable. 

Regardless of whether you prefer to head in person to an educational conference like ISCT’s annual CT symposium or utilize on-demand radiology CME courses on the go or from the comfort of your own home, the most important thing is that you find some way to stay on top of changes in the industry. That's how the best and brightest minds in our industry succeed.