Remotely Attend The ISCT's 19th Annual CT Symposium In Your Home Timezone

The annual ISCT symposium is the largest and most comprehensive event in CT, bringing together hundreds of industry experts from across the globe to connect with one another, share their knowledge and science of CT, debate controversial and relevant issues in our industry, and foster collaboration and educational growth. 

Our 19th Annual International Symposium on CT, which kicks off in San Francisco on Sunday, June 4th, is shaping up to be our best yet. With over 300 incredible and innovative CT-specific topics delivered by a faculty lineup boasting some of the biggest names in radiology, ISCT17 is the pinnacle of all things CT and a can’t miss event for anyone looking to further their industry knowledge and career growth.

Many of our domestic attendees, particularly those who hail from California, are fortunate enough to be able to attend our 2017 CT symposium in person. For many of our international peers, however, in-person attendance simply isn’t feasible. Radiology is a global industry, and placing emphasis on international collaboration in CT has always been a main staple of ISCT’s mission. That’s why this year we’re working harder than ever to make our symposium, and all of its CME content, accessible to our industry peers worldwide.

This year we’ve developed three comprehensive Live Stream bundle options for our industry peers who want to be a part of ISCT17 and are looking to continue their educational growth, but can’t make it to San Francisco in person.

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We’ll detail the specifics of what you get with each plan below, but first here are some benefits of our ISCT17 Live Stream bundles:

Time shifting capability that meshes with any time zone.

We understand that our virtual attendees will be watching from dozens of countries, many (if not all) of which will have varying time zones. The ISCT17 live stream comes equipped with a convenient time shift capability so that the feed can be altered to mesh with the time zone of each virtual attendee. That means no need to worry about starting your live stream at 3am, or finishing up your “day at the conference” around midnight.

Ability to earn CME credits.

Our annual CT symposium is accredited, which means that our attendees (even our virtual ones) are eligible to earn the following types of credits:


• SAM’s

• CE


Access to enduring symposium content on ISCT’s premier On-Demand site.

Live stream attendees of ISCT17 get access not only to the live feed of the Cutting Edge Mini-Symposium, but also to packaged versions of 2017 symposium content on ISCT’s premier On-Demand site. Access your favorite ISCT17 content and reach out to faculty with questions long after the conference has ended! If you opt for our Platinum bundle you’ll not only receive access to all enduring content from ISCT17, but also to content from our 2014-2016 symposia, as well as exclusive access to the 2017 MECT Pre-Symposium Workshop content.

Nothing beats in-person attendance for radiology conferences like this one, but we’ve worked incredibly hard to provide a rich and engaging experience for our virtual ISCT17 attendees, one that’s value extends long after the symposium is over. You can register for our in-person and virtual attendance here, and learn more about the details of our three Live Stream bundles below:

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Looking to purchase 3 or more packages? Contact ISCT for group discounts. 

Sara McFarland