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Reflecting On The Minnies & Congratulating Our Winners

Earlier this week Aunt Minnie dropped their list of winners for the 2017 Minnie Awards. There are lots of awards out there for members of the radiology community, but what we love so much about the Minnies is that it truly recognizes the best and brightest of our industry, shines a spotlight on innovation, and speaks to what we believe the future of radiology is trending towards.

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Dr. Elliot Fishman Receives Radiology Lifetime Achievement Award From Diagnostic Imaging

It’s been a big year for ISCT faculty. From the Minnies to department recognitions, we’ve been lucky enough to see several of our faculty members recognized for their incredible career contributions to the radiology world in 2016. Although the year is almost over, the awards just keep on coming!

This week we were thrilled to see that Dr. Elliot Fishman was selected as the recipient of Diagnostic Imaging’s Radiology Lifetime Achievement Award. Although it’s not uncommon to see peers recognized by various awards throughout the year, this one is special because it’s indicative of the enthusiasm, innovation, and excellence that Dr. Fishman has contributed to his work in radiology not just in one particular area or at one particular moment in time, but over the span of his extensive career.

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