CT Academy Daily Programs

CT Academy Session Highlights

Translating Technical Knowledge into Quality Care

Presented by top medical physicists and focused on practical application of fundamental principles,
this all-day session allocates an hour to each of the following topics:

  • CT Dosimetry and Dose Management
  • Patient Size and Task Adaptation
  • Multi-Energy Acquisitions
  • Important Protocol Parameters and Their Impact
  • Protocol Optimization and Management
  • Special Acquisition Modes (cardiac and non-cardiac variants)
  • Iterative Reconstruction Technologies
  • Cardiovascular CT

CT Technologists' Best Practices

Presented by highly experienced, practicing CT technologists, this half-day session focuses on
implementing solutions to challenging situations that arise at the CT scanner and allocates an hour
to each of the following topics:

  • Controlling Dose Modulation Systems across Manufacturer Idiosyncrasies
  • Cardiac Data Acquisition, Exam Recovery, and Processing
  • Contrast Material Safety and Dosing in Healthy and Impaired Patients
  • Special Considerations for Trauma and Pediatric Acquisitions and Data Management

Cases I'd Like to Do Over

Blending experience from all four major CT manufacturers and diverse CT exam types,
four radiologist-technologist teams will each present a one-hour session on cases that did
not come out as desired. Analysis will seek root causes for the shortfalls, providing a structured
and comprehensive assessment of the original exam request, pre-procedural communications and
protocol section, patient preparation, patient characteristics at the time of the CT scan, the CT
procedure and post-procedural management, image analysis, and interpretation of what went wrong
and how to implement change to assure that the issue does not recur in the future.

Scanner-specific Training Sessions

Details to follow

Advanced Image Processing and Quantification of CT Data

Focused on applications where image processing and quantitation are important for clinical decision making,
this session will be presented by dedicated 3D technologists and expert radiologists and focuses on
the following topic:

  • Cardiac: Coronary Artery Calcium, Coronary CT Angiography, and Transarterial Aortic Valve Replacement
  • Post-Processing and Data Management Tools: Lung Cancer Screening, Brain Perfusion, and CT Colonography
  • Tumor Metrics: RECIST, WHO, and practical workflows and RIS integration
  • Treatment Planning: Aneurysms and Stent-grafts, 3D Printing for complex surgery, and DIEP Breast Reconstructio

Managing the CT Operation

Topics center on the core issues for CT managers and radiologists overseeing CT operations. This half-day program encompasses:

  • Regulatory and Accreditation Issues, including ACR, NEMA XR-29, and Joint Commission Compliance
  • Process Improvement Projects, including IV Defects, Stroke Code Optimization, and ED Turnaround
  • Protocol and Practice Management, reviewing AAPM resources and daily routines of an effective administrator
  • Starting New Programs: Oncology tracking, TAVR, and MECT
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