Welcome to the ISCT.

Deeply committed to the pursuit of knowledge, the International Society for Computed Tomography has been encouraging innovation, collaboration, and the challenging of beliefs within computed tomography through its annual CT symposium and educational on-demand content for over two decades. Joining radiologists, medical physicists, cardiologists, radiology technologists, healthcare administrators, the Society's mission is to serve the health care needs of the general public through the support of science, teaching and research and the quality of service in the field of computed tomography.

Staying at the top of your game in the ever-changing world of radiology requires constant education & self-growth. Tick both boxes with ISCT's enduring on-demand content, now available online. 

Our annual international symposium for CT covers hundreds of Continuing Medical Education (CME) accredited CT-specific topics over the course of several days. This content is later packaged and released each year as CME accredited courses available through ISCT’s Education On-Demand site, which allows access to over 300 innovative talks and a wide variety of CME accredited courses directed by industry leaders and radiology experts from around the country.

Online learning has evolved as a game changer for many in the healthcare industry, where busy schedules and long hours make it difficult to find the time to slip away to an educational conference. Our on-demand content is a flexible e-learning option that allows members of the radiology community to continue their medical education on a timeline that works for their specific needs.

Explore hundreds of hours of CT-specific CME accredited content, delivered by some of the top minds in radiology. Watch and rewatch your favorite sessions, get up to date on the latest topics in the industry, and learn at your own pace. Whether you're brushing up on your knowledge, trying to attain CME credits, or simply satisfying a thirst for knowledge, our on-demand content is the most comprehensive CT-specific catalog available.

We're proud to have a faculty comprised of many of the leading experts in CT practice and research. From our speakers each year to our Executive Committee and Board, each of our faculty members dedicates a passion for radiology, and has devoted their lives towards improving our industry through research, practice, or academia. 

CT is an ever-changing industry, and staying ahead of the game means keeping yourself informed on what's happening in the world of radiology. Stay up to date on news and what's happening within the industry, take advantage of our shared resources, and tune in for updates about our annual CT symposium and Education On-Demand program.