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ISCT 2018 Preliminary Topics

+ Managing Emergencies

Oral Contrast In The ER: Always, Never, Or Sometimes?
Whole Body CT In Trauma: Scanning & Injection Techniques
Detection Of Active Hemorrhage With Multi-Energy CT
MDCT Of Acute Lower Intestinal Hemorrhage
Bowel Trauma: Are We Doing Any Better?
CT Of Solid Organ Trauma: How Many Phases?
Pelvic Hemorrhage In Trauma: What Really Matters?
Acute Appendicitis: When Is MR Preferable Over CT?
Abdominal Pain In The Pregnant Patient
CT Of Bowel Obstruction: What's Important?
Peptic Ulcers: An Easily Missed Diagnosis On CT
CT Of Penetrating Chest Trauma
Role Of CT In The Management Of Minimal Aortic Injury

+ Stroke Imaging & The Critical Role Of CT: "DAWN" Of A New Era

Dual Energy CT: Applications In Stroke Imaging
"Stroke Code": Pre-Hospital Assessment & CT Ambulance Services
Acute Ischemic Stroke: Overview Of Imaging Algorithms & Patient Care Pathways
New For 2018: AHA Stroke Management Guidelines
"Dawn" & "DEFUSE3" Trials: Thrombectomy Up To 24 Hours Post-Stroke Onset
Stroke Imaging For Treatment Triage: The Role Of CTP?
Stroke Imaging For Treatment Triage: How Can Machine Learning Help?
Stroke & Hemorrhage: How To Acquire & Read A Head CT
Stroke & Hemmorhage: CTA & CTA-Collateral Acquisition Protocols
Acute Stroke: How To Read A Head & Neck CTA
Acute Hemorrhage: How To Read A Head CTA
Evaluation Of "Headache" In Young Adults & Adult Women
Challenging Case Review: Tips & Tricks, Pearls & Pitfalls In Differential Diagnosis Of Common Nerological Emergencies
Summing Up: The Role Of CT In The Management Of Acute Stroke & Hemorrhage

+ Pediatric CT Topics Of Concern To All

Motion Compensation & The Evolution Of Pediatric CT Protocols
How To Set AEC Correctly For The Peds Patient
Non-Spiral Volumetric Acquisition Techniques
Pediatric Oncology: Why is CT Imaging Still The Mainstay At Most Institutions
Multiphasic CT In Pediatric: Is There Still A Role?
Emergent CT For The Pediatric Abdomen

+ Contributing To Patient Management Through Enhanced CT Interpretation

CT In Tumor Board
Business Case For Tumor Metrics & Quantitative CT
Radiologist As Consultant For Patients
CT Based Body Composition Assessment
Management Guidelines For Imaging Renal Masses
How Aggressive Should We Be With Small Pancreas Cyst?

+ Toward Standardized Reporting

Why Standardize Reporting & How To Do It
Reporting Recommendations For Pancreatitis
Reporting Template For Pancreas Cancer
Urologist Expectations From CT Of Renal Mass Or Kidney Stones
Reporting Living Liver-Kidney Donor CT
CTE & Reporting Template For IBD
Colon CT

+ Lung Cancer Screening

Making The Economic Case For LCS
Assuring Continuity Of Care In LCS
What Do Referrers Want From The Radiologist Report?
LungRADS: The Easy & The Challenging
LungRADS: What Needs To Be Changed
The Role Of Risk Calculators In Lung Cancer Screening
Does The Rest Of The World Believe In The NLST: International Trials

+ Solving Workflow Conundrums

What To Inject & How
To Screeen Or Not To Screen For Azotemia
How Many Phases Are Necessary & When
Oral Contrast Media Choices & Protocols
Body Parameters For CT Protocol Customization
Challenges & Solutions In Managing CT Protocols

+ Making Dual Energy Work For Your Practice

Dual Energy CT: Technology
Protocols: What Type Of Dual Energy Image Should You Use?
Workflow: Managing A Multi-Vendor DECT Environment
Practice: Five Practical Strategies To Improve "Value" Of Imaging Using DECT
Can Virtual Non-Contrast Images Truly Replace True Non-Contrast Images?
Top 5 Application For DECT: Evidence Base
The Business Case For DECT
MDCT: Years Past & Years Ahead

+ CT Technologies: What's New

Iterative Reconstruction: Does It Really Help?
Protocol Customization Tools
Even Better Spatial Resolurion
Siemens Training Session & Q&A
GE Training Session & Q&A
Philips Training Session & Q&A
Canon Training Session & Q&A

Cases That Will Blow Your Mind

+ AI & Deep Learning: Reality, Hype, & Your Attention

Machine Learning In Radiology: Ready For Prime Time?
CheXNet: Computers Outperform Radiologists When Detecting Pneumonia In Chest X-Rays? Radiologist-Level Pneumonia Decetion On Check X-Rays With Deep Learning
Workflow Automation Through Deep Learning
Defining The Best Use Cases For AI
Radiologist Decision Support
Bias In Algorithms
Why AI Won't Replace Or Save Us & When Will AI Fully Integrate: Tomorrow, Next Year Or Ten Years?

+ Coronary CT Angiography & Fractional Flow Reserve: Winds Of Change

Coronary CTA Must Be A Part Of Your Practice
Coronary CTA: Best Practice Workflows
My Scanner Is State Of The Art, Do I Still Need Beta Blockers & Nitrates?
Dealing With Abherrant Heart Rhythms At The Scanner
Cardiac CT Resuscitation: ECG Editing & Other Post-Scan Tyips
Interpretation: Making Your Workstation Work For You
Physiology: The Language Of Cardiologists
FFR: Why All The Hype?
FFRCT: Use Cases
FFRCT: The Options
Working With & Providing For Cardioloists
Image Quality Of Coronary CTA: Standard Vs. FFRCT Applications