Lior Molvin, MBA, (R.T) (R) (C.T.) FI)

CT Technical Coordinator Stanford Healthcare

CT Technical Coordinator
Stanford Healthcare

Lior Molvin is currently the lead CT Protocol technologist at Stanford Hospital and Clinics.

Lior moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in California in 1989 as a child, where he grew up and attended grade through high school. Lior was trained at Mills Peninsula School of Radiologic Technology where he completed his training as a Radiologic Technologist from 2004-2006.   Lior’s initial work experience was in the food industry as a waiter, caterer, and food buyer. Lior studied biology while working prior to attending a school of Radiologic Technology.  Lior furthered his education studying healthcare administration in his undergraduate degree, and recently Lior completed his MBA in 2014. 

In 2006, Lior started his career at Stanford University where he rotated through all shifts and developed his keen interest for CT technology.  In 2008, Lior Molvin was the key technologists to staff a new outpatient imaging center equipped with, and continuously updated with, the latest CT technology from two major vendors. The challenges of developing new protocols for new and evolving applications, close interaction with subspecialty radiologists, researchers, and the CT manufacturers are the basis of his unique practical CT expertise, which he is sharing with others through many educational efforts. 

In his current role Lior is charged with developing, implementing, and maintaining CT protocols enterprise-wide on all inpatient and outpatient scanners. He is also closely involved and co-developer of the Stanford Dose Monitoring Program, which records and benchmarks each diagnostic CT acquisition within and across the Department of Radiology.  Lior is a key participant in the Stanford CT Technologist Training and Education program. Lior is a sought-after speaker and has lectured on CT and contrast medium topics locally and nation-wide. For his contributions to Stanford Radiology, Lior was awarded the Technologist of the Year in 2013.

2019 Presentations & Workshops

Coaching your Patients: Strategies for Technologists to Get the Best Cardiac Scans
Saturday | 8:15-8:30

2018 Presentations

Technologist & Imager: Strategies for an Effective Partnership
Sunday | 8:45-9:00
Session: Coronary CT Angiography, Fractional Flow Reserve, & Winds of Change

Cardiac CT Resuscitation: ECG Editing & Other Post-Scan Tips
Sunday | 9:15-9:30
Session: Coronary CT Angiography, Fractional Flow Reserve, & Winds of Change

2017 Presentations & Workshops 

Dose Modulation Systems (GE)
Monday | 8:00-8:12
Track 2 | CT Academy

Cardiac Data Acquisition
Monday | 9:00-9:15
Track 2 | CT Academy

Cardiac Exam Recovery
Monday | 9:15-9:30
Track 2 | CT Academy

What Happened & What I'd Do Differently
Tuesday | 11:05-11:45
Track 2 | CT Academy

2016 Presentations & Workshops

Session: Hot Topics for Technologists Workshop

  • Low kVp and Adjusting Contrast Media Volumes

Session: Implementing Dose Reduction Strategies with Iterative Reconstruction

  • Walkthrough Iterative Reconstruction Platform on Siemens CT and Protocol Setup

  • Discussion Panel | Best Practices for Integrating Iterative Reconstructions