Mario Ramos

Mario Ramos is the supervisor of CT at the University of Washington Medical Center. Mario started his medical career in the US Army as a field lab technician in 1989 and learned as many Military Occupational Skills as the Army would allow. He attended Bellevue College where he got his training as a Radiology Technologist. In expanding his training and resume as a Technologist, Mario had the privilege of working with many of the medical centers in the Seattle area.

He also was able to share his knowledge by teaching the CT Instrumentation classes at Bellevue College, and is a part of the Radiology Program’s advisory board. Since 1999, Mario has been fortunate enough to work for  the University of Washington Medical Center ‘in CT.. He  is part of a wonderful and collaborative team that always puts patients first. The Radiologists and Technologists he works with are always looking to innovate, and learn. His experience and opportunities there have been the most satisfying for his continued growth as a technologist. Mario always looks forward to his daily bicycle commute, to a job that he thoroughly enjoys.

2016 Presentations & Workshops

Session: Implementing Dose Reduction Strategies with Iterative Reconstruction

  • Walkthrough Iterative Reconstruction Platform on GE CT and protocol setup

  • Discussion Panel | Best Practices for Integrating Iterative Reconstructions

Supervisor of CT | University of Washington Medical Center