Maros Ferencik, MD

Maros Ferencik MD, isct faculty, radiology faculty, ohsu

Dr. Ferencik specializes in caring for adults with heart problems. He sees patients with a wide range of heart problems (coronary artery disease, atherosclerosis, valvular problems, basic arrhythmia) in the general cardiology clinic. He also has advanced training in cardiac imaging (echocardiography, computed tomography, nuclear cardiology). In addition, Dr. Ferencik has a special interest in cardio-oncology and sees patients with heart problems related to their cancer and cancer treatment.

2017 Presentations & Workshops

Role Of Calcium Scoring In The Asymptomatic Patient
Monday | 16:00-16:10
Track 1 | Cutting Edge Mini-Symposia

Plaque Quantification: Will There Be Clinical Impact?
Monday | 16:40-16:50
Track 1 | Cutting Edge Mini-Symposia