Patrik Rogalla, MD

Dr. Patrik Rogalla completed his medical studies as well as his radiology residency at the Free University of Berlin in Germany. After having completed a Clinical fellowship in gastro-intestinal imaging at the University of California UCSF in the United States, he returned to Germany where he began working at Charité University Hospital. There, he progressively held roles which eventually led him to his appointment as Professor of Radiology. 

In July 2009, Dr. Rogalla was appointed as Full Professor of Radiology at the University of Toronto and has in July 2010 been appointed as Head of the Abdominal Imaging Division. He is the Director of Computed Tomography at JDMI and assumed the role as Vice Chief of Research for Medical Imaging.

Dr. Rogalla has published more than 152 original articles, several book chapters, and is holding two international patents; is actively involved in many professional and radiological societies. In 2006, he contributed towards the development of federal guidelines and quality criteria for virtual CT Colonography.

His areas of focus include: cardiac CT, gastro-intestinal imaging, interventional CT, perfusion imaging and three-dimensional post-processing techniques. 

2017 Presentations & Workshops 

Using Wide Detectors
Saturday | 8:50-9:00
Multi-Energy Pre-Symposium Workshop

Solid Organ Lymphoma
Sunday | 17:00-17:30
Track 3 | Readout With The Professor

CT Colonography Acquisition Protocol: Balancing Dose & Image Quality
Monday | 15:50-16:05
Track 2 | CT Academy

What Happened & What I'd Do Differently
Tuesday | 8:55-9:35
Track 2 | CT Academy

Professor of Radiology | University of Toronto

Head of Abdominal Division (Department of Medical Imaging) | University of Toronto

2016 Presentations & Workshops

Session: Dual Energy Pre-Symposium Workshop

  • DECT Technology and Workflow | Toshiba Medical Systems
  • Q&A

Session: Technical Developments | Monday June 20th, 2016

  • Improvement in Spatial Resolution Using Iterative Reconstruction

Session: Radiation | Monday June 20th, 2016

  • Trainees in CT-fluoroscopy: Best Practices
  • Debate: Iterative Reconstruction Compromises CT's Diagnostic Power - For The Proposition
  • Debate Rebuttal

Session: Pancreas, Liver, GI | Tuesday June 21st, 2016

  • Quantification of Hepatic Steatosis: What Gets Measured Gets Managed
  • Debate: Perfusion CT Outside the Head is Dead, and Besides, it Has too Much Radiation – Against the Proposition
  • Debate Rebuttal

Session: Thoracic | Wednesday June 22nd, 2016

  • Opportunity Knocks: MinIP in Interstitial Lung Disease