Victor Benlice, RN, BSN

Victor has worked in the healthcare field his entire adult life. He started working as an EMT at age 19. At age 21 he completed his paramedic training and worked as a medic for the next 13 years. Six of those years he was a paramedic supervisor. While working full time as a medic supervisor he went to nursing school , graduated with his A.A.S. in nursing from Essex County College and became a RN.  He received his BSN from the University of Texas at Arlington.

He started travel nursing two years later and accepted assignments with several companies, working in California ,Dominican Republic (volunteer ), Connecticut,  St Croix  US Virgin Islands , New York City, Maryland , Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Los Angeles, and Honolulu. He settled down in the San Fransisco Bay area and became the director of a level two trauma center for six years. He has spoken at a national conference on the topic of how to improve ED throughput times.  Victor has worked in radiology for the past four years and now works in the Radiation/Oncology/Radiology  department. He has spoken in the community, and in hospital nursing education forum on CT Virtual Colonoscopy.

Stanford Healthcare | South Bay Cancer Center

Stanford Healthcare | South Bay Cancer Center

2016 Presentations & Workshops

Session: Hot Topics for Technologists Workshop

  • Injection Safety, Port safety, Patient Screening, the Nursing Perspective