Readout With The Professor Program

Abdominal Cases
Moderator | Myron Pozniak, MD

Abdominal Vascular Myron Pozniak, MD
Abdominal Wall Masses Gabriela Gayer, MD
Biliary Olga Brook, MD
Focal Liver Lesions Bhavik Patel, MD
Genitourinary Matthew Davenport, MD
Gynecological Julia Felding, MD
Pancreatic Tumors & Inflammation Joel Fletcher, MD
Right Lower Quadrant Pain Benjamin Yeh, MD
Solid Organ Lymphoma Patrik Rogalla, MD
Small Bowel & Retroperitoneum Lakshmi Ananthakrishnan, MD

Cardiovascular Cases
Moderator | Joseph Schoepf, MD

Cardiovascular CT Imaging: Image Optimization & Pitfalls Lynne Koweek, MD
Cardiovascular Emergencies, Acute Coronary & Aortic Syndromes Tessa Cook, MD
CT Imaging Of Cardiovascular Devices, ECMO, LVAD & Beyond Christoph Becker, MD
CT Imaging Of Pediatric & Adult Congenital Cardiovascular Disease Tim Leiner, MD
CT Of Structural Heart Disease - TAVR Mitral Valve & Beyond Jonathan Liepsic, MD
Incidental Findings At Cardiovascular CT & Their Management Caroline Chiles, MD
Structural & Functionary Coronary CTA In Ischemic Heart Disease Joseph Schoepf, MD

Chest Cases
Moderators | Charles White, MD & Jared Christensen, MD

Airways Disease Jared Christensen, MD
Incidental Findings At Lung Cancer Screening Caroline Chiles, MD
Interstitial Pneumonias: 2017 Update Brett Elicker, MD
Mediastinal Disease Charles White, MD
Pleural Disease Ann Leung, MD
Review Of Lung Cancer: Early & Late Manifestations Mathias Prokop, MD
Smoking-Related ILD Brett Elicker, MD

Neuro Cases
Moderator | Michael Lev, MD

Challenging ED Cases Jeffrey Mendel, MD
CT/CTA/CTP For Acute Stroke Triage Max Wintermark, MD
Head & Neck Cases In HIV From Around The World Bhavya Rehani, MD
Head & Neck, Skull Base Reza Forghani, MD
How To Read A Head CT Michael Lev, MD
How To Read A Head & Neck CTA Michael Lev, MD
SECT & DECT Of Hemorrhage Benjamin Harvey, MD

Pediatric Cases
Moderator | Dianna Bardo, MD

CT Of Pediatric Abdomen Bruce Greenberg, MD
Pediatric: Neuro Dianna Bardo, MD
Pediatric: Thoracic Frandics Chan, MD
Third World Pediatric Cases From Haiti Jeffrey Mendel, MD

Trauma & Emergency Radiology Cases
Moderator | Aaron Sodickson, MD

Abdominal Trauma Linda Nayeli Miromoto, MD
Chest Trauma Martin Gunn, MD
Musculoskeletal Trauma Katrina Glazebrook, MD
Nontraumatic Abdominal Emergencies Michael Ohliger, MD
Nontraumatic Chest Emergencies Aaron Sodickson, MD
Spine Trauma Savvas Nicolaou, MD
Vascular Trauma Elliot Fishman, MD

Read Out With The Professor Session Highlights

  • Pediatrics
  • Neuro
  • Abdominal
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Trauma
  • Chest
  • Cardiovascular

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