MECT Pre-Symposium Program

Multi-Energy CT
Moderator | Dushyant Sahani, MD

DECT Body | Benjamin Yeh, MD

Body: GI Tract Pathologies Benjamin Yeh, MD
Liver & Bile Ducts Lakshmi Ananthakrishnan, MD
Material Separation Aaron Sodickson, MD
MECT Utilization & Protocols Bhavik Patel, MD
Oral & IV Contrast Media Considerations Dushyant Sahani, MD
Pancreas Masses & Pancreatitis Dushyant Sahani, MD
Quantitation (HU & Iodine) Benjamin Yeh, MD
Renal Stones & Masses Bhavik Patel, MD

MECT Image Processing & Workflow | Dushyant Sahani

Detector Based MECT Lakshmi Ananthakrishnan, MD
Dual-Source MECT Savvas Nicolaou, MD
Multi-Energy CT Practice, Technologists Perspective Cristy Savage, RT
Photoncounting Detectors Cynthia McCollough, PhD
Single Source MECT Benjamin Yeh, MD
Using Wide Detectors Patrik Rogalla, MD

MECT Vascular | Aaron Sodickson, MD

Cardiac CTA & Perfusion Joseph Schoepf, MD
MECT Of Abdominal & Pelvic Trauma Aaron Sodickson, MD
Neuro Applications of MECT Aaron Sodickson, MD
Panel Discussion: How To Start A MECT Practice Savvas Nicolaou, MD, William Shuman, MD, Tim Leiner, MD, PhD Bhavik Patel, MD, Cristy Savage RT, Katrina Glazebrook, MD

Pulmonary Vascular-PE Tim Leiner, MD, PhD
Solutions For Lowering Iodine Dose For Abdomen CTA William Shuman, MD

MSK, ED & Pediatrics | Savvas Nicolaou, MD

Do We Need MECT In The ER? Aaron Sodickson, MD
Gout Savvas Nicolaou, MD
Is There A Role For MECT In Pediatrics? Dianna Bardo, MD
MSK: Cartilage/Ligaments/Bone Katrina Glazebrook, MD
Skull Base & Neck Masses Reza Forghani, MD, PhD
Strategies For Metal Artifacts Reducation Olga Brook, MD