Multi Energy Pre-Symposium Workshop

Saturday, June 3rd

Workshop: Dual Energy & Multi-Spectral Techniques and Applications | Dushyant Sahani, MD

This workshop will be a full-day program, so separate registration is required. During the workshop, expert faculty will present cases to the attendees, who will have an opportunity to unravel the details of this exciting new method for tissue characterization and reduction of both radiation and iodine exposure. Comparison of implementation methods, processing/display techniques, and interpretation and application will all be covered.

MECT Image Processing & Workflow•  Moderator | Dushyant Sahani

Time Topic Speaker
8:00-8:05 Introduction Geoffrey Rubin
8:05-8:20 Single Source MECT Benjamin Yeh
8:20-8:35 Dual Source MECT Savvas Nicolaou
8:35-8:50 Detector Based MECT Lakshmi Ananthakrishnan
8:50-9:05 Use Wide Detectors Patrik Rogalla
9:05-9:20 Photoncounting Detectors Cynthia McCollough
9:20-9:35 Multi-Energy CT Practice, Technologist's Perspective Cristy Savage
9:35-9:50 Q&A
9:50-10:00 Break

DECT Body•  Moderator | Benjamin Yeh

Time Topic Speaker
10:00-10:15 Material Separation Aaron Sodickson
10:15-10:30 Quantitation (HU & Iodine) Benjamin Yeh
10:30-10:45 Oral & IV Contrast Media Considerations Dushyant Sahani
10:45-11:00 MECT Utilization & Protocols Bhavik Patel
11:00-11:15 Liver & Bile Ducts Lakshmi Amanthakrishnan
11:15-11:30 Pancreas Masses & Pancreatitis Dushyant Sahani
11:30-11:45 Renal Stone & Masses Julia Fielding
11:45-12:0 Body: GI Tract Pathologies Benjamin Yeh
12:00-12:15 Q&A
12:15-13:15 Lunch

MSK, ED, & Pediatrics  •  Moderator | Savvas Nicolaou

Time Topic Speaker
13:15-13:30 Strategies For Metal Artifacts Reduction Olga Brook
13:30-13:45 MSK: Cartilage/Ligaments/Bone Katrina Glazebrook
13:45-14:00 Gout Savvas Nicolaou
14:00-14:15 Skull Base & Neck Masses Reza Forghani
14:15-14:30 Do We Need MECT In The ER? Aaron Sodickson
14:30-14:45 Is There A Role For MECT In Pediatrics Dianna Bardo
14:45-15:00 Q&A
15:00-15:15 Break

MECT Vascular  •  Moderator | Aaron Sodickson

Time Topic Speaker
15:15-15:30 Neuro Applications of MECT Aaron Sodickson
15:30-15:45 Pulmonary Vascular: PE Tim Leiner
15:45-16:00 MECT of Abdominal and Pelvic Trauma Aaron Sodickson
16:00-16:15 Cardiac CTA & Perfusion Joseph Schoepf
16:15-16:30 Solutions For Lowering Iodine Dose For Abdomen CTA William Shuman
16:30-17:00 Panel Discussion: How To Start A MECT Practice Savvas Nicolaou
William Shuman
Tim Leiner
Bhavik Patel
Cristy Savage