Radiology CME Course Highlight: New Ways To Manage Radiation

Radiation dose. It’s one of the most controversial issues in radiology at the moment, and with public fears about the effects of dose exposure during imaging procedures rising – particularly CT – now more than ever there’s a pressing need to develop dose reduction strategies and protocols that are both efficient and effective.

With the revelation of increasing radiation dosages to the worldwide population from the growth of CT scanning, CT manufacturers have taken extraordinary steps to implement tools to manage and substantially reduce radiation dose. Updating your department on these new protocols and tools, as well as finding a way to actually implement them, is an absolute must. That’s why these new dose reduction tools, as well as trends on dose and strategies for managing it, are front and center topics in this week’s radiology CME course highlight: “New Ways To Manage Radiation”.

Jointly presented by medical physicists and radiologists, this session focuses on current trends in radiation dose across the U.S. and methods for monitoring and tracking radiation dose. A variety of specific tools for dose mitigation will be discussed along with the challenge of balancing diagnostic quality against dose reduction across a variety of CT applications and patient types.

Topics include the following:

  • What's An SSDE & Why Do I Care?
  • Dose Monitoring Systems
  • Emerging Trends In CT Doses Across The US
  • The Value Of Automated Exposure Control For Dose Reduction
  • Automated Tube Potential Selection: When Is Lower Better?
  • Making Sense Of Iterative Reconstruction Techniques
  • Extending The Life Of Older Scanners Using Image Based Denoising
  • Cardiac CT: Acquisition Decisions That Balance Dose & Diagnosis
  • Debate: Is Referral Of Repeat Abdominal CT Exams To MRI Better For The Patient?
  • How Low Can We Go In Abdominal CT?
  • Dose Optimization Using Phantoms
  • How Low Can You Go In Neuro CT?
  • Dose Management Strategies: The Low Hanging Fruit
  • Nodule Detection Performance At Ultra Low Doses
  • Explaining Radiation Doses & Risk To Concerned Patients & Family Members
  • Debate: Is It Time To Stop Worrying About Dose & Focus On Diagnostic Performance?

“New Ways To Manage Radiation” is a course from our Cutting Edge Mini-Symposia track, which highlights advanced and cutting edge topics pertaining to CT technology and practice. Expert panel and audience-involved discussions provide context for the topics and voicing of diverging options. You can learn more about this course here, or check out our other radiology CME courses on our education on-demand site!