9 Of The Best Computed Tomography Resources For CT Technologists

If you’re a Radiology Technologist with a focus in computed tomography, life can get pretty hectic. With so much constantly changing in our indutry, it's almost impossible to keep yourself informed about new protocols, innovations in CT, technology advancements, etc. 

That being said, it’s important to stay on top of new advancements, technology and techniques so that you can be the best in your industry. Being a technologist can be a demanding job, but by regularly taking the time to brush up on your CT knowledge you are contributing to your success in your career, the improvement of your imaging center and refining the patient’s overall experience.

We understand that keeping up to date on what's happening in the industry is time consuming, and you don't always have the time to be able to do it alone. That's why we've created a list of our top 9 computed tomography resources for CT technologists, to help keep you informed and educated about what's changing in the industry!

Top 9 Computed Tomography Resources for CT Technologists:

1. AuntMinnie.com’s CT Case of the Day Archive

Aunt Minnie is an incredible resource for anyone in the radiology community, but they've got a great collection of content that benefits CT technologists in particular. There are a lot of different "case of the day" options out there, but Aunt Minnie's is one of our favorites. Read about the most unique CT cases from all over the world to learn about uncommon patient cases and see instances you might come across on your own. You can even filter by subspecialty.

2. American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) Facebook Page

The ARRT shares great articles and event updates on their Facebook page. You can also start conversations and pose questions on their wall to engage with other CT technologists. They've got a very active community, and it's really fun to be a part of!

3. ASRT News and Research Page

This American Society of Radiologic Technologists page includes their press room, links to their journals and magazines, legislative/regulatory news, newsletter archives, articles on patient safety and white papers on CT research studies. They also have online communities with thousands of discussions.

4. ISCT Education On-Demand

Don’t have the time to attend a continued education conference or meeting? You can get access to the top CT-specific educational presentations from ISCT17, the most comprehensive global CT symposium in existence, and earn CME and SA-CME credits online. Interested? Check out our CT course catalog

5. CTisus

View CT teaching files, learning modules and lectures online from CTisus. You can also view CT scan protocols for scanners from Siemens, GE, Phillips and Toshiba all in one place.

6. ISCT Blog

Our blog is a great source of content for anyone in CT. Not only do we keep you updated on that annual ISCT symposium, we also post weekly blogs covering industry topics like the History of CT, Case Spotlights, What Happened In CT This Week, etc. We also share past presentations and lectures along with summaries of workshop sessions from past symposiums.

7. ACR Lung Cancer Screening Resources

The American College of Radiology has a lot of great resources on their website but the lung cancer screening section on their website is the most comprehensive component. Find webinars, videos, advocacy resources and patient information.

8. Siemens’ Practical Resources for Computed Tomography

Find trainings, webinars, publications, videos and unique cases/protocols for CT from one of the top radiology industry leaders.

9. LinkedIn Groups/Company Pages

There are tons of great LinkedIn groups you can join to engage with other CT Technologists across the globe where you can share links to valuable articles (like this one!), post CT news updates and start conversations on hot topics. Don’t forget to also follow LinkedIn companies who share their knowledge and resources daily.