Save The Date For ISCT 2018

Each year the ISCT meeting brings together the top experts in computed tomography from all over the world. With lectures and workshops built for radiologists/physicians, technologists, medical physicists, engineers, residents, fellows, physician assistants, and nurses; the ISCT’s three-day CT symposium is something we look forward to year around.

One of our favorite things about our annual symposium is that it gives people from all over the world an invaluable opportunity to come together and learn. Not only can you brush up on your skills and knowledge while keeping up to date on the top trending innovations in CT, you can also earn educational credits towards your CME and SA-CME accreditations for being there. Today, after months of anticipation, we’re excited to announce that a date and location have officially been announced for our 2018 symposium. 

Please join us September 14th-16th, 2018 in San Diego for our 20th Anniversary CT symposium.

Our 2018 symposium is special for a couple of different reasons (you might have noticed that this year we’re treating ourselves and heading out of San Francisco for the symposium), but most importantly because it will mark 20 years of collaboration and innovation for our organization and since the introduction of multi-row CT. When we founded the Annual International Symposium of MDCT 20 years ago, we did it with a specific goal in mind: create a resource on all things CT. Be an organization dedicated towards fostering collaboration and growth in the CT industry, and one that shares this growth and innovation with the imaging community as a whole. Provide a place where members from across all corners of the globe and from all departments can come together to learn, to grow, to challenge current standards, to collaborate and to drive our field forward. Deliver the tools and the knowledge to do just that.

As CT and our mission have evolved, we’ve continued to work tirelessly towards accomplishing this goal in everything that we do. It’s the motivation behind our annual CT symposium, behind the content that we share here on the blog and through our social media channels, behind the CME on-demand courses we offer, and it’s what our website was built around.

For two decades we’ve designed and held the most comprehensive global annual symposium for enhanced CT learning, and we look forward to continuing that tradition in 2018.

Sara McFarland