ISCT 2018 – Registration Destination, & Lodging

For decades the ISCT has organized and held the most comprehensive symposium of CT in existence, one that each and every year brings together the best and the brightest members of the radiology community to debate hot industry topics, collaborate, and drive progress in CT. This year’s symposium is a very special one, as it will mark 20 years of collaboration and innovation for our organization since the introduction of multi-row CT.

We’re incredibly excited about hitting this milestone, and we’re celebrating our 20 years of CT innovation by taking our annual symposium on the road to a new location and by making this year’s symposium more accessible to attendees across all levels of the radiology department than ever.

ISCT 2018 Registration

It’s finally time for us to say our seven favorite words: registration for ISCT 2018 is officially open! We’re celebrating our 20th anniversary with some of our biggest registration deals in the history of our organization. Early Bird registration is open until 11:59 pm on Friday, March 10th. Take advantage of our special Early Bird pricing by using the code “earlybird” at checkout to receive 20% off your ISCT 2018 registration!

ISCT 2018 Destination

Traditionally our annual symposium is held in a city that’s very near and dear to the heart of many of our faculty members: San Francisco. This year, as a treat to ourselves and our attendees, we’re making our 20th annual CT symposium extra special by moving it to one of our favorite cities in the US: San Diego.

There’s a reason why San Diego was voted the 10th best place to visit in the US! Whether you prefer soaking up rays on sandy white beaches, taking in the scenery of state parks, experiencing a vibrant dining scene, sightseeing in the city, or admiring the animals at one of the country’s top zoos, San Diego has something for everyone. When they’re not in sessions, attendees can take advantage of everything the city has to offer!

Official Hotel Of ISCT 2018: THE US GRANT

Everything about this year’s symposium is special, and we could not think of a more beautiful backdrop for ISCT 2018 than THE US GRANT. Located in the heart of the historic Gaslamp quarter, THE US GRANT is central to the majority of attractions in San Diego and the perfect hub for our attendees.

Reasons to book directly with The US Grant:

1. You will not have to pre-pay for your room if you book in the block, but you do if you are booking through a discount service.

2. The room you book online may not be comparable to the rooms in the conference room block.

3. Booking in the block will allow you to make changes to your reservation if needed.

4. If there happens to be a room drop (i.e.: conference message, schedule change), you may miss out.

5. If you book in the block, you get to claim Starwood award points.

6. If you are using a discount service, your hotel may not be close to the conference hotel, so you won’t be able to sneak back to your room for a nap, snack, or to check email between sessions.

7. If your hotel is not within reasonable walking distance of your event, you will incur cab costs which may offset any savings that you received.

We couldn’t be more excited for our 20th annual international symposium of CT! From the destination to the speakers to the topics discussed, everything about ISCT 2018 promises not to disappoint. Register today to take advantage of our Early Bird pricing, and book your room with THE US GRANT!