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A Trip Down Memory Lane - Reflecting On The Benefits Of ISCT's Symposium

If there's one thing we love, it's seeing the incredible impact that our annual CT symposium has had on our attendees' lives, both personally and professionally. We've striven to create an educational conference that's both valuable and actionable, one that stays with attendees long after the symposium is over, and it's testimonials like this one that help show us we're accomplishing what we set out to do:

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Last Chance To Save 30% On ISCT 2019

The ISCT symposium has a rich history and a long-standing reputation for being one of the most innovative and comprehensive symposia of CT available. What makes this CT conference so unique is its caliber of faculty, the scope of the topics covered, and its commitment to diving deeply into not just current implementations of CT technology and protocols, but future advancements as well.

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ISCT 2019: First Program Draft Released

This week we were excited to release an initial draft of our 2019 program, complete with our 10 overarching sessions and their corresponding talks. We’re still in the early stages, so there’s a lot more to come as we tweak our talks and finalize speakers for each slot, but we couldn’t help but release an early look at what’s on the lineup for ISCT 2019! Here’s a look at our overarching session topics for the 2019 symposium:

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ISCT 2018: Earn up to 28.25 Credit Hours with Our Live Meeting & Virtual Experience

ISCT 2018 is a hybridized learning opportunity accredited for up to 28.25 hours of credits that combines our annual live meeting with a virtual experience so attendees can maximize their continuing education and experience the benefits of both worlds: attending an in-person meeting and utilizing flexible e-learning.

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5 Reasons To Attend ISCT 2018

Our symposium is specifically designed to benefit not just radiologists, but members from every aspect of the department. Whether you're interested in the articulation of "value" in CT, the potential impact of artificial intelligence, the clinical implementation of dual energy techniques, optimizing exposure control across vendors, understanding the impact of various scanner options or collecting pearls for interpreting clinical examinations, our 2018 CT conference has it all.

It's an incredible chance for education and growth, both personally and professionally. Every radiology conference has its benefits, here are 5 reasons to attend ours:

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Last Chance To Save 20% With Earlybird Registration For ISCT 2018

We’re particularly excited for this year’s CT symposium, since it will mark 20 years of promoting innovation in CT for our organization. As a result, we’re celebrating our 20th anniversary with some of our biggest registration deals in the history of our organization! Earlier in the year we thanked our loyal past attendees with an exclusive registration discount, and since then we’ve been rewarding our “earlybirds” with discounted Earlybird registration pricing. February recently came to a close, and with it comes the end of our Earlybird pricing.

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