A Trip Down Memory Lane - Reflecting On The Benefits Of ISCT's Symposium

This September we'll be kicking off our 20th Annual International Symposium of CT. When we set out two decades ago to create a CT-specific symposium that was innovative, educational, and quite frankly something we thought the industry desperately needed, we had absolutely no idea just how far we'd come. If there's one thing we love, it's seeing the incredible impact that our annual CT symposium has had on our attendees' lives, both personally and professionally. We've striven to create an educational conference that's both valuable and actionable, one that stays with attendees long after the symposium is over, and it's testimonials like this one that help show us we're accomplishing what we set out to do:

"It was the year of 1999 and I was a second-year radiology resident. At that time I was messing with the very first installations of the brand-new multi detector-row CT technology. Despite my greenhorn, rookie status, I had the good fortune to be invited to give my first big international presentation at the inaugural MDCT conference. Actually traded my business class ticket for a nice vacay in Hawaii. Since then I have spoken at every single MDCT symposium. This conference has accompanied and shaped my career like no other.

A never ceasing well of cutting-edge, state-of-the-art knowledge to keep up with the latest in technology, premier networking in an intimate, spectacular setting against the backdrop of the San Francisco Bay!

Now, the conference style has been completely revamped and overhauled to meet attendees ever changing educational needs. The program looks simply spectacular and is MDCT on steroids. Yet, I'm confident that the spirit and camaraderie of the conference will endure." - U. Joseph Schoepf, MD, Prof. (h.c.), FAHA, FNASCI, FSCBT-MR, FSCCT

We've been lucky enough to have Dr. Schoepf with us for 20 years now. He's a life-long radiology enthusiast whose passion and dedication to our industry has left an incredible mark, and if you haven't had the pleasure of attending one of his thought-provoking talks at our previous symposia then you've truly missed out. Don't worry, though, you'll have plenty of chances to catch him in action at our 2018 symposium! He'll be moderating our Sunday session, "Coronary CT Angiography, Fractional Flow Reserve, & Winds of Change", and will be presenting several talks as well.  

Dr. Schoepf is just one of several incredible faculty members we have lined up for ISCT 2018. Check out who else is speaking this year, and view our full program for a list of the 100+ talks that will be covered in detail this September!