ISCT's 2017 Symposium: Designed To Benefit Your Whole Radiology Team

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For a radiology department to be successful and provide positive patient experiences, the entire team has to come together as one. The same can be said about advancing your computed tomography team’s knowledge-base. Staying up to date with cutting-edge CT technology and techniques is a challenge, but if your whole team works together, each member can improve and the team as a whole will evolve into a stronger, more robust organization.

Looking at CT as a team sport means looking for education opportunities where your radiologists and technologists can attend together and make the most out of an education symposium. The ISCT conference has a long tradition of offering a unique meeting format built to keep up with the rapid pace of CT technology change.  The myriad of educational programs offered at ISCT’s 2017 CT symposium will set the stage for radiology experts of all different levels to collaborate and compare imaging approaches, results, and techniques.

ISCT has always tried to design our symposium with radiology teams in mind, providing a variety of topics of interest for everyone regardless of their role. This year we’ve taken things one step further, segmenting our sessions into three main tracks: Cutting Edge Mini-Symposia, the CT Academy, and Read Out With The Professor. Each track will have sessions in a particular focus, whether that’s case-based topics, cutting edge CT innovations, or training modules.

Registration for ISCT 2017 is officially open. Secure your spot now!

There’s something for everyone, and our 2017 CT symposium will provide an incredible opportunity for inspiration, education, and problem-solving for your entire team. We hope attendees will come to the CT symposium with topics regarding issues that they’re currently facing within their practice, whether that’s challenging protocoling, buttonology, scanning, or processing issues. The goal is to facilitate effective learning and team building scenarios at the meeting that will carry over to your team’s organization long after the meeting is over.

There will also be opportunities for attendees to sit down with vendor representatives and radiology experts to discuss protocols, techniques, post-processing etc., so we suggest that you discuss current challenges with protocol selection and implementation or image processing concerns with your colleagues – technologists and radiologists – and come prepared to present the issues you’re facing to our experts. If this is something you’re interested in, we suggest that you reach out to us to schedule a time for these interactions, since we can’t yet anticipate how many time slots we will have available. We want to give everyone the opportunity to sit one-on-one to review and solve problematic issues, but unfortunately we only have so much time.

If you’re interested in setting aside some team trouble-shooting time with our vendors and experts, or if you simply need extra help coordinating your team’s trip to the 18th Annual International Symposium on CT, don’t hesitate to reach out to Michelle ( for assistance!