What Is The TrifeCTa Symposium? FAQ's Answered About Our 2017 CT Symposium

What is the TrifeCTa Symposium? FAQ’s Answered About Our 2017 CT Symposium

For almost 20 years, the ISCT’s Annual International Symposium for CT has presented education on cutting edge CT techniques and practice. As some technologies mature and new ones emerge, we have come to understand that our diverse audience has different education priorities. Whether you are an academic radiologist, private practice radiologist, employed community radiologist, technologist, medical physicist or CT administrator, we have redesigned our program for YOU and have named it the “TrifeCTa Symposium”. We’ve had some questions about what the “TrifeCTa Symposium” is, and how it’s different from our past symposia. We’re putting that confusion to rest with some FAQ’s about our upcoming CT symposium, the reason behind the name, and what attendees can expect to see in June.

“So you’re not doing your regular CT symposium anymore?”

To attendees who have been to our symposium in the past, don’t be alarmed! We intend to encompass all the great characteristics that you’ve grown to love over the years, we’re simply adopting a title this year that reflects the new and improved way we’ve structured our 2017 symposium. If it’s easier for you to think of this as the 19th Annual International Symposium on CT, feel free to do so! We’ll be using both names interchangeably so no one gets alarmed.

“Why are you calling it the TrifeCTa Symposium? Why not just stick with the usual name?”

TrifeCTa highlights our new tripartite, three-track program with “CT” at the heart. To better represent the breadth of topics within the field of medical computed tomography, we’ve organized our sessions into three distinct and parallel tracks: “Cutting Edge Mini-Symposia”, “The CT Academy”, and “Read-Out with The Professor”. This will make it easier for attendees to determine which sessions best match their goals and interests.

ISCT's annual ct symposium

What topics will each track cover?

Our Cutting Edge Mini-Symposia track will house sessions on the latest innovations, opportunities, and challenges influencing CT technology and practice. Like a live CT manual, the CT Academy focuses on the technical aspects of image acquisition and processing with a focus on fundamental, advanced, and vendor-specific techniques, tips, and solutions. Our Read Out with The Professor track is designed for image interpreters interested in clinically focused, case-based sessions oriented around organ systems and diseases. In addition to offering these three targeted themes, our tracks will employ different pacing with presentation durations of 9, 15, and 30 minutes for the sessions within the three tracks, respectively.

What if I’m interested in more than one thing? Do I have to pick just one track?

Attendees are free to mix and match sessions and tracks as they like. In fact, we encourage it! CT is incredibly diverse, and although our track-based approach to this year’s symposium was designed to help segment sessions by interest, we understand that the best minds in radiology are the ones that are open and seeking to continually further their growth in a variety of areas, not just one.

Change is inevitable, but we understand that it can also be very confusing. The name may be changing this year, and we’ve certainly done some work to enhance and improve our 2017 symposium, but we want attendees to know that this is still the same ISCT symposium they’ve grown to love over the past 19 years. Don’t miss a chance to secure your spot for our TrifeCTa Symposium!