Read Out With The Professor: Track 3 Of ISCT's TrifeCTa Symposium

Read Out With The Professor: Track 3 Of ISCT's TrifeCTa Symposium

You’re probably aware at this point that we’ve got a few changes in store for our 2017 symposium. First and foremost, we changed the name. Instead of simply titling our upcoming symposium “ISCT 2017”, we’re calling it our “TrifeCTa Symposium”. It’s a name that’s indicative of our other big change this year: the new way we’re structuring our symposium.

This year we’re separating sessions into three specific interest-based tracks: Cutting Edge Mini SymposiaCT Academy, and Read Out With The Professor. This will make it easier for attendees to determine which sessions align more with the topics they’re interested in, and should make figuring out which talks to go to much easier.

We’ve highlighted our Cutting Edge Mini Symposia track and our CT Academy track already, and today we’re taking a closer look at our final track: Read Out With The Professor.

Our Read Out With The Professor track is one we’re pretty excited about. It’s comprised of thirty-minute case-based sessions organized around specific organ systems and diseases. Interesting and relevant clinical cases will be discussed as the basis for conveying concepts in interpretation using fundamental and newer imaging approaches with CT. All sessions are presented by expert clinicians who seek to enhance your CT interpretation skills with topics that are clinically essential. 

The Read Out With The Professor track features in-depth case-based discussions from the following areas:








Not up your alley? Our Read Out With The Professor track is just one of three exciting tracks we'll be unveiling at our TrifeCTa symposium, and attendees are free to mix and match sessions from as many different tracks as they'd like. Don't forget to register today to save your seat!