CT Academy: Track 2 Of ISCT's TrifeCTa Symposium

CT Academy Track.png

You’ve probably seen us talking about our “TrifeCTa symposium”, and you might be a little confused about what that actually is. For those of you who have attended our previous symposia, don’t be alarmed. It’s still the same conference we’ve been putting on for the past 18 years, we’re simply adopting a name this year that reflects the new and improved way we’ve structured our 2017 symposium.

In the past we’ve offered dozens of sessions covering a variety of different topics, and attendees had to sort through everything manually to determine which sessions might best fit their interests. This year we’ve taken a more focused approach. We’re separating sessions into three specific interest-based tracks: Cutting Edge Mini SymposiaCT Academy, and Read Out With The Professor. This will make it easier for attendees to determine which sessions align more with the topics they’re interested in, and should make figuring out which talks to go to much easier.

We’ll be highlighting each track individually over time, but today we’re taking a closer look at our CT Academy  track.

Our CT Academy Track consists of recording sessions for a Live CT Manual, and sessions will cover the fundamental topics of CT technologies, techniques, and protocols. These are the "nuts and bolts" topics and practical expert tips necessary to help you maximize quality, save dose, and get the images that you need. Sessions extend to image processing techniques and service management. These sessions are meant to be interactive, with time blocked out every hour for audience Q&A opportunities. If you’re looking to hone your technical CT skills or improve your protocol knowledge, our CT Academy track is the perfect fit.

The CT Academy track features sessions on topics like the following:

Translating Technical Knowledge Into Quality Care

CT Technologists’ Best Practices

Cases I’d Like To Do Over

Scanner-Specific Training Sessions

Advanced Image Processing And Quantification Of CT Data

Managing The CT Operation

Not sure these sessions are right for you? Our CT Academy track is just one of three exciting tracks we'll be unveiling at our TrifeCTa symposium, and attendees are free to mix and match sessions from as many different tracks as they'd like. You can learn more about the specific details of each session in our Cutting Edge Mini Symposia track here. Stay tuned for details about our Cutting Edge Mini Symposia track and our Read Out With The Professor track, and don't forget to register today to save your seat!