Cutting Edge Mini Symposia: Track 1 Of ISCT’s TrifeCTa Symposium

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A new year is a time for change, and our annual CT symposium is no exception. We’ve got some big changes in store for this year, from the name of our conference to the way that we’ve structured it. You’ve probably seen us talking about our “TrifeCTa symposium”, and you can expect to see a lot more of that in the future. For those of you who have attended our previous symposia, don’t be alarmed. It’s still the same conference, we’re simply adopting a name this year that reflects the new and improved way we’ve structured this year’s symposium.

In the past we’ve offered dozens of sessions covering a variety of different topics, and attendees had to sort through everything manually to determine which sessions might best fit their interests. This year we’ve taken a more focused approach, and rather than jumbling all of our sessions together, we’ll be separating sessions into three specific interest-based tracks: Cutting Edge Mini SymposiaCT Academy, and Read Out With The Professor. This will make it easier for attendees to determine which sessions will align more with the topics they’re interested in, and should make figuring out which talks to go to much easier.

We’ll be highlighting each track individually over time, but today we’re taking a closer look at our Cutting Edge Mini Symposia track.

Our Cutting Edge Mini-Symposia track will highlight advanced and cutting edge topics pertaining to CT technology and practice. It’s where you’ll find sessions on all the hot-button issues in the industry. These controversies will be debated, and the audience regularly engaged through online polling questions. Expert panel and audience-involved discussions provide context for the topics and voicing of diverging options.

Sound like an area of CT you might be interested in exploring? The Cutting Edge Mini Symposia track features sessions on topics like the following:

High Impact CT: Outcomes and Value Creation

CT in 2017: What's New? What's Trending?

Machine Learning & Imaging Informatics

New Ways to Manage Radiation

Understanding & Maximizing CT's Internal Value Chain

Interventional CT

Hot Clinical Topics

Contrast Material Usage

Multi-Energy CT Applications

Lung Nodules & Cancer

Cardiac CT

Our Cutting Edge Mini Symposia track is just one of three exciting tracks we'll be unveiling at our TrifeCTa symposium, and attendees are free to mix and match sessions from as many tracks as they'd like. You can learn more about the specific details of each session in our Cutting Edge Mini Symposia track here. Stay tuned for details about our CT Academy track and our Read Out With The Professor track, and don't forget to register today to save your seat!