ISCT 2018 Session Highlight: Cases That Will Blow Your Mind

Diagnosis, and the challenges that surround it, has always been a strong point of emphasis at our annual CT symposium. It is, after all, the backbone of radiology. In the past we’ve peppered some case-based talks into our program, and the feedback we’ve received from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive. These talks provide a way for attendees to field diagnostic questions, discuss pitfalls and challenges in the reading room, and learn as they see how their peers approach different diagnoses.

This year we’re dedicating a whole session to strange and interesting cases of diagnostic note. It’s titled “Cases that Will Blow Your Mind” and it’s presented by some of the world’s leading radiologists who will delight you with real-life clinical challenges of shock and surprise. This session goes one step further than our case-based talks from previous years, specifically highlighting complex and unique cases that come around once in a blue moon for the average radiologist, but may present challenges and are important to correctly diagnose when they do.

Uncover these unique diagnoses, tap into the minds of the country’s top physicians, and gain insight into how to approach complex and unusual cases in the reading room with this diagnostic session meant to challenge even the most experienced radiologist.

Ready to test your diagnostic abilities this September and see how many of these crazy cases you can figure out? Register today for ISCT 2018. You can save 20% by using the code CASES at checkout!

Cases That Will Blow Your Mind is just one of several incredible sessions we’ve got lined up for ISCT 2018, and you won’t want to miss them. Below is our Program At A Glance, which highlights some of the bigger overarching topics within CT that we'll be pinpointing this year. 

ISCT 2018 Program At A Glance