Understanding The Virtual Experience Portion Of ISCT 2018

Accreditation is a huge part of why members of the radiology community attend conferences, online seminars, or other educational events. With that being said, sometimes it’s hard to find the time to earn all the CME credits that you need. We know accreditation is a big deal for our attendees, and we’re always looking for ways to help attendees get the most out of our annual symposium not just from an educational perspective, but from an accreditation perspective as well.

This year we’re doing that with the addition of our Virtual Experience, something we’ve added to ISCT 2018 that will give attendees the opportunity to earn even more credit hours, all from the flexibility of their own homes and on their own schedules. Here’s how it works.  

In the past the ISCT symposium accreditation experience went something like this: attendees registered for our annual symposium, attended the live meeting, and then submitted for CME credit post-conference. Whatever the symposium was accredited for was how many hours you were able to earn.

This year we wanted to find a way to make our symposium an even more valuable experience for attendees by bundling in an additional way to earn CME credits. Attending ISCT 2018 not only allows you to earn the 18.75 credit hours our live meeting is accredited for, your registration also grants you access to an additional 9.5 credit ours through our Virtual Experience for a grand total of up to 28.25 credit hours! Awesome, right? The question for most people, though, is: “what is the virtual experience?”

The term “Virtual Experience” simply represents the additional accredited content that you receive through ISCT’s education on-demand portal. Everyone who attends ISCT 2018 will get to choose between two bundles of accredited content: our Technical Bundle and our Clinical Bundle. Each bundle contains sessions from previous symposia, which you can watch online through our on-demand platform at your own leisure from anywhere you’d like. This enables you to learn in a flexible virtual environment that fits your schedule, no matter how busy you are!

You’ll have 3 months after the ISCT 2018 conference to earn your additional 9.5 Virtual Experience CME credits by viewing your content bundle through ISCT’s education on-demand portal. If you’re not interested or don’t need the additional credit hours, there’s nothing forcing you to take advantage of the Virtual Experience. It’s included in the cost of registration, so you get access either way! For attendees looking to maximize their credit hours and make the most of this educational experience, it’s a huge added benefit.

If you haven’t already registered for ISCT 2018, there’s no better time than now! You’ll get to choose which Virtual Experience content bundle you want when you register, and that content will be available to you on our education on-demand site as soon as the symposium has ended. Have questions about this year’s accreditation or how to submit for CME credit? Email info@isct.org.