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The Importance Of Continuing Your Medical Education

Continuing your medical education, even if you’re at a point in your career where it’s not required, is one of the most important decisions you can make as a member of the radiology community. Our industry is constantly evolving, and the ones who refuse to grow and adapt along with it are the ones who inevitably get left behind.

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ISCT 2018: Earn up to 28.25 Credit Hours with Our Live Meeting & Virtual Experience

ISCT 2018 is a hybridized learning opportunity accredited for up to 28.25 hours of credits that combines our annual live meeting with a virtual experience so attendees can maximize their continuing education and experience the benefits of both worlds: attending an in-person meeting and utilizing flexible e-learning.

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7 Benefits of ISCT’s Continued Medical Education OnDemand

ISCT17 may have just ended a few months ago, but we’re already starting to get really excited about the 19thAnnual CT Symposium. Our meeting brings together the top experts in radiology from all over the world. With lectures and workshops built for radiologists/physicians, technologists, radiology residents, fellows, physician assistants, nurses and physicists; the ISCT’s three-day computed tomography symposium is something we look forward to year around.

One of our favorite things about our annual symposium is that it gives people from all over the world in our industry an invaluable opportunity to come together and learn. Not only can you brush up on your skills and knowledge while keeping up to date on the top trending innovations in CT, you can also earn educational credits towards your CME and SA-CME accreditations for being there. Awesome, right? 

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