7 Benefits of ISCT’s Continued Medical Education OnDemand

ISCT17 may have just ended a few months ago, but we’re already starting to get really excited about our next symposium. The ISCT meeting brings together the top experts in radiology from all over the world. With lectures and workshops built for radiologists/physicians, technologists, radiology residents, fellows, physician assistants, nurses and physicists; the ISCT’s three-day computed tomography symposium is something we look forward to year around.

One of our favorite things about our annual symposium is that it gives people from all over the world in our industry an invaluable opportunity to come together and learn. Not only can you brush up on your skills and knowledge while keeping up to date on the top trending innovations in CT, you can also earn educational credits towards your CME and SA-CME accreditations for being there. Awesome, right? 

That being said, we understand that there are many people who can't make it to the actual conference. The CT industry is a global one, and we don't think it would be fair for people to lose out on these opportunities simply because they couldn't attend the conference itself, whether it's because of travel distance, a busy workload, or budget cuts. That's why we offer CME resources to radiology experts throughout the year.

We just recently launched the ISCT17 symposium content on our Education On-Demand website, and it's something we're really excited about. You can learn a little more how Education OnDemand works here, but for now let’s highlight some of the top benefits of our program.

7 Benefits of ISCT’s Online CME Program:

  1. Access to discussions presented by experts in the field of computed tomography from top medical universities and hospitals from around the world including; Harvard Medical, Duke University and John’s Hopkins.
  2. Free access to all CME on-demand presentations if you attended the CT Symposium that year. If you’re a visitor to ISCT, don’t worry! There are still discounted prices for On-Demand packages.
  3. You can earn CME and SA-CME Accreditations on any device, which means you can get accredited on the go. Travel a lot for work and don’t have time to attend multi-day CME courses? You can even take our online CME course on your iPad while flying cross country.
  4. There are over 300 radiology education presentations to choose from, so you can build your own educational program to fit your subspecialty or interests. 
  5. You can brush up on tips and tricks for newly updated technical developments while also gaining insight into CT practice management techniques.
  6. You can even take a deep dive into image processing, Multi-Energy CT, or clinical acquisition protocols.
  7. Sub-specialized experts in radiology can attend sessions built specifically for their area of expertise.

Interested? Check out our course catalog.