ISCT Faculty Nominated For Two Aunt Minnie Awards

Every year Aunt Minnie puts on the Minnie awards, a campaign designed to recognize the best and brightest in medical imaging. Candidates can be nominated for 14 different categories, including:

  • Most Influential Radiology Researcher
  • Most Effective Radiology Educator
  • Most Effective Radiologic Technologist Education
  • Most Effective Radiology Administrator/Manager
  • Best Radiological Training Program
  • Best Radiologic Technologist Training Program
  • Most Significant News Event In Radiology
  • Biggest Threat To Radiology
  • Hottest Clinical Procedure
  • Scientific Paper of the Year
  • Best New Radiology Device
  • Best New Radiology Software
  • Best New Radiology Vendor
  • Best Radiology Mobile App

We love the Minnies because they’re a way to truly recognize those individuals who go above and beyond every day in our industry, the people who are driving innovation and change and pushing our industry forward. The list of semifinalists for the 2017 Minnies was just released, and we were so excited to see a familiar face among the candidates!

Building on his success last year, ISCT faculty member Dr. Elliot Fishman has been selected as a semifinal candidate in the following two categories:

Most Effective Radiology Educator

Best Radiology Mobile APP

We can speak firsthand when we say that we cannot think of anyone else more deserving for these awards. Dr. Fishman embodies everything that’s good about our industry, and we deeply admire his dedication to our industry and the way he tirelessly works for change in the radiology world. We’re wishing him the best of luck, and we’ll be holding our breath till the winners are announced!