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ISCT Faculty Nominated For Two Aunt Minnie Awards

We love the Minnies because they’re a way to truly recognize those individuals who go above and beyond every day in our industry, the people who are driving innovation and change and pushing our industry forward. The list of semifinalists for the 2017 Minnies was just released, and we were so excited to see a familiar face among the candidates!

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Saying "Congrats" To Our 2016 Minnie Award Winners

This week the moment we'd all been waiting for finally happened! After months of waiting, the winners of the 2016 Minnies were finally announced by Aunt Minnie! The Minnies have been going strong for 16 years, and are one of the greatest ways to recognize the best and brightest in the radiology industry. This year's list on nominees was incredible, and it's amazing to see just how many men and women there are out there dedicated their lives towards bettering our industry and the healthcare world as a whole. 

Today we congratulate two faculty members who were awarded these prestigious honors.

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