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Cutting Edge CT News From ISCT17

Radiology is an ever-changing industry, and the world of CT is no exception. In order to be truly valuable to their practices, it is imperative that radiologists, technologists, medical physicists, and even practice administrators stay updated not only on current industry trends, but also what’s on the frontier for CT. Our program directors seek to help them accomplish this by pushing the boundaries each year, creating a line-up of cutting edge talks that encompass controversial topics facing CT, an overview of the newest innovations in radiology, as well as changes in technology and practice.

The quality and quantity of both our talks and faculty were better than ever this year, a fact reflected in the amount of coverage ISCT17 garnered on a national level. With over 310 innovative CT-specific talks on the schedule for ISCT17, it was almost impossible to select which ones to attend. We covered a wide variety of topics across our three tracks, each largely appealing in their own unique way, but there were a few topics of emphasis at ISCT17 that were particularly relevant to the radiology community on a national and global level.

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4 Exciting Things That Happened In CT This Week

It’s Friday, which means another week came and another week’s gone. If you’re a working adult, most weeks generally feel the same. There are some weeks, though, that are just a little bit special, that stand out more than the others for some particular reason. This week was one of those weeks for everyone in CT.

If you spent just 20 minutes on Twitter this week, you’ll know that some seriously cool stuff is happening in our industry. The radiology world feels a little like fire and ice most of the time; we can go months or even years with no significant innovations, or we can have a short period of time where exciting new changes are popping up like wildfires. We’ll give you one good guess which one of those this past week falls under.

That being said, when there’s so much new stuff happening at once it can be difficult to even stay in the loop. That’s why we’re here to help keep you informed! Here are four big discoveries in the computed tomography world that you’ll want to be aware of:

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Hot Topics for Technologists in CT with Stanford HealthCare’s Lior Molvin, BA RT (CT)

The ISCT is proud to be partnering with Stanford Healthcare to offer a pre-conference lecture-based workshop designed specifically to discuss hot topics for computed tomography technologists. The workshop will be held prior to the start of the ISCT’s Main CT Symposium on Sunday, June 19, 2016.

This hands-on workshop will give technologists the opportunity to collaborate with some of radiology’s most innovative leaders to discuss image quality standards, the fundamentals of iterative reconstruction technologists and dual energy CT.

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MDCT Live Stream Around The World

Faculty and Residents from CMIVs (Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization) virtual reality theater watch the live stream of the 16th Annual MDCT Symposium from Sweden!  The theater is located in the center of CMIV and can take over the CT and MRI modalities from this room and scan live.  Faculty at CMIV use the virtual reality theater for anatomical lecturing for the medical students, "virtual dissections" with the patient in the scanner.   

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