Hot Topics for Technologists in CT with Stanford HealthCare’s Lior Molvin, BA RT (CT)

The ISCT is proud to be partnering with Stanford Healthcare to offer a pre-conference lecture-based workshop designed specifically to discuss hot topics for computed tomography technologists. The workshop will be held prior to the start of the ISCT’s Main CT Symposium on Sunday, June 19, 2016.

This hands-on workshop will give technologists the opportunity to collaborate with some of radiology’s most innovative leaders to discuss image quality standards, the fundamentals of iterative reconstruction technologists and dual energy CT.

The three sections of the workshop will be split into in-depth sessions highlighting the following topics:

  • The first part “Image Quality Standards in Cardiovascular CT,” will encompass best practices, imaging protocols, kVP selection and injection strategies specific to cardiovascular protocols.  
  • The second part will begin with a talk presented by Dr. Jia Wang; a Stanford Healthcare Medical Physicist. He will be explaining the fundamentals of how iterative reconstruction technologies work.  Continuing on, attendees will have the opportunity to learn how different major hospital systems have integrated this kind technology from various vendors.  This section will focus on implementing system-wide dose reductions along with the use of iterative reconstruction technologies.   The section will be wrapped up with a discussion panel compromised of professional speakers.
  • The final section will be an overview of Dual Energy Computed Tomography.  This section of the workshop will act as a framework lecture, to be followed by an overview of Dual Energy applications currently being used. The lecture will also focus on the common challenges and difficulties many organizations face when it comes to the use of dual energy CT.

Our CT technologist workshop’s sections will be led by leading technologists, radiologists, nurses and physics experts and followed by engaging discussion panels. Some examples of the sessions include:

Imaging Quality Standards for Cardiovascular Imaging

  • Weight Based Injection Strategies for CTA and CTV with Dominik Fleischmann
  • Low kVp and Adjusting Contrast Media Volumes with Lior Molvin, BA RT (CT)
  • Injection Safety, Ports, Screening, Renal Function with Victor Benlice, RN
  • Streamlined Brain Perfusion Protocol with Christoph Zorich
  • Cardiovascular Imaging Protocols with Lior Molvin, BA RT (CT)
  • Post Processing- TAVR Surgical Planning with Shannon Walters

Implementing Dose Reduction Strategies with Iterative Reconstruction

  • Iterative Reconstructions (Framework) with Jia Wang. MD
  • Walkthrough Iterative Reconstruction Platform and protocol with Mario Ramos
  • Walkthrough Iterative Reconstruction Platform and protocol setup with Robin Brothers Siemens Apps

Overview of Dual Energy CT

  • Dual Energy (Framework) with Jia Wang, MD
  • Overview of Dual Energy Applications in Practice: current and future states with Christy Savage
  • Current Challenges and Barriers of Use (Workflows, reimbursement) with Dushyant Sahani, MD