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What To Bring To ISCT16

This year’s symposium is almost upon us, and as ISCT16 draws closers it’s time to start preparing for the conference! There’s a lot that you’ll probably pack if you’re attending this year. After all, at this point we all have the “generic conference packing list” pretty much memorized: 3-4 days of conference attire, a few fancy outfits for happy hours and dinners, a pair of pajamas, and maybe some normal people outfits on the off chance that you might have spare time to do something that’s not conference-related.

At ISCT16, we’re not as worried about whether you threw in three pairs of heels or four. We trust your judgment, and we’ll leave the clothes packing to you. There are a few other things we want you to add to your packing list this year that aren’t clothes-related, though! If you’re attending ISCT16 and want to get the full experience, you’ll want to make sure to bring these with you.

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