What To Bring To ISCT16

what to bring to ISCT16

This year’s symposium is almost upon us, and as ISCT16 draws closers it’s time to start preparing for the conference! There’s a lot that you’ll probably pack if you’re attending this year. After all, at this point we all have the “generic conference packing list” pretty much memorized: 3-4 days of conference attire, a few fancy outfits for happy hours and dinners, a pair of pajamas, and maybe some normal people outfits on the off chance that you might have spare time to do something that’s not conference-related.

At ISCT16, we’re not as worried about whether you threw in three pairs of heels or four. We trust your judgment, and we’ll leave the clothes packing to you. There are a few other things we want you to add to your packing list this year that aren’t clothes-related, though! If you’re attending ISCT16 and want to get the full experience, you’ll want to make sure to bring these with you.

An Open Mind

This couldn’t be more important. Our speakers have worked so hard to bring you guys a huge variety of meaty, nitty-gritty topics this year, and we want to make sure that everyone takes advantage of that! In order to really get the most out of this year’s conference, you’ll need to come ready and excited to learn.

Several Note-taking Devices

Like we mentioned before, the topics this year are going to be super in-depth, and we can promise you right now that you’ll spend a HUGE amount of time frantically scribbling down gems of wisdom to take back with you. Whether you’re a old-time hand-writer or a new-generation tablet-typer or one of those crazy people who can actually type real notes on their tiny phone keyboard, bringing some type of note-taking device with you is an absolute must. Your hands may cramp and your swiper’s thumb (yes, it’s a real thing) may make an appearance, but you’ll thank yourself later.   

Your Best Networking Face

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, it’s all about the networking. We only get so many opportunities to get so many of the world’s top minds of our industry into the same room, so while you’re all there we want to provide you with as many chances to bond with each other as possible. Networking is one of the best parts about conferences, because in many cases the relationships you make there will last for a lifetime. There will be tons of networking opportunities at ISCT16, and you’ll want to come with your A-game.

A Great Attitude

No one likes a Debby Downer, but what they hate even more is being stuck in a room with said Debby Downer for several straight days. Your experience at this year’s symposium is going to be what you make it, but also remember that your attitude directly affects the overall experience of the people around you. The power of positivity is a real thing, and it’s something we try to promote at every conference!

Your Plan Of Attack

This is incredibly important to your survival of ISCT16. If you haven’t already looked at Program Guide for this year’s symposium, now might be a good time. There are hundreds of sessions available over the four short days, and it’s impossible to make time for all of them. You’ll want to take some time to sit down, look over the sessions, and highlight the topics that you’re interested in attending. Map the times out, create yourself a personalized schedule for the week, and bring it with you so that when the time comes you’ll have an organized plan of attack.  

Questions, Questions, Questions

Our main goal for this year’s conference is for everyone to leave San Francisco more enlightened and excited about the computed tomography industry. We want each and every one of you to learn, to take this opportunity to ask the detailed questions you haven’t had time to ask before. The speakers at ISCT16 are absolutely brilliant figureheads in our industry, and to not take advantage of your time with them by piquing their brains clean would be an absolute travesty.

We're confident that this year's conference is going to be better than ever, but bringing the afore-mentioned items will guarantee that you have the best experience possible! Want to stay up to date on the latest ISCT16 news as the conference gets closer? Follow us on Twitter @ISCT2016!