Timothy Szczykutowicz, PhD

Assistant Professor | University of Wisconsin School of Medicine

Dr. Szczykutowicz is an Assistant Professor in the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health Departments of Radiology, Medical Physics, and Biomedical Engineering. He received his Bachelors of Science in Physics from the SUNY University at Buffalo in 2008. He was active in medical physics at Buffalo in the laboratory of Dr. Stephen Rudin with the Toshiba Stroke Research Center, working on vessel sizing and detector performance characterization. After his undergraduate studies, Dr. Szczykutowicz came to the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he earned his Masters and Ph.D. in Medical Physics , receiving mentorship from Doctors Charles 'Chuck' Mistretta and Guang-Hong Chen. His dissertation was on fluence field modulated CT, a promising x-ray imaging technique that allows for imaging dose to be tailored to individuals. After his dissertation work, Dr. Szczykutowicz spent a year as a doctrinal fellow and imaging physics resident with the Department of Medical Physics at the UW before being appointed as a clinical health sciences Assistant Professor. The clinical and research activities of Dr. Szczykutowicz include: optimizing CT scan protocols, monitoring patient dose, developing new metrics to define image quality in the clinical setting, developing protocol management methodologies, fluence field modulated CT, dual energy CT, and assisting in various projects related to cone beam CT.

2018 Presentations

How to Correctly Set Automatic Exposure Control
Friday | 8:15-8:30
Session: Pediatric CT Topics of Concern to All

Protocol Standardization & Patient Customization
Saturday | 13:30-13:45
Session: CT Technologies: What's New

2017 Presentations & Workshops

Dose Notifications & Alerts
Sunday | 8:30-8:45
Track 2 | CT Academy

Adaption For Different Diagnostic Tasks
Sunday | 9:30-9:45
Track 2 | CT Academy

Patient Positioning & It's Impact On Dose & CT Number Accuracy
Sunday | 11:30-11:45
Track 2 | CT Academy

Essential Elements Of A Quality Protocol
Sunday | 13:30-13:45
Track 2 | CT Academy

Axial Wide-Coverage Acquisitions
Sunday | 14:30-14:45
Track 2 | CT Academy

2016 Presentations & Workshops

Session: Radiation | Monday June 20th, 2016

  • Dose Check: What is it and How to use it

Session: Acquisition and Protocol | Wednesday June 22nd, 2016

  • CT Protocol Management: Taking Control of Your Exam Uniformity