Professor of Radiology | Stanford University Medical Center

Professor of Radiology | Stanford University Medical Center

Hans-Christoph Becker, MD

Born 1964 in Giessen/Germany. Graduate studies at Ludwig-Maximilians-University/Munich, Germany. Title of thesis: In vivo and in vitro H1-NMR-spectroscopy of intracerebral tumors. Residency in diagnostic radiology at University of Munich. Fellowship in cardiovascular radiology at University of Munich. Currently associate professor and section chief for body CT in the CT department. Previous publications on CT angiography of cerebral aneurysms, investigation of different CT detectors and radiation exposure, comparison of cardiac investigations between electron beam CT and conventional CT for detection and quantification of coronary calcium. Current focus on CT angiography of coronary arteries, and response criteria in oncologic imaging.

2017 Presentations & Workshops 

What Happened & What I'd Do Differently
Tuesday | 11:05-11:45
Track 2 | CT Academy

Cardiac CT: Acquisition Decisions That Balance Dose & Diagnosis
Tuesday | 14:40-14:50
Track 1 | Cutting Edge Mini-Symposia

CT Imaging Of Cardiovascular Devices, ECMO, LVAD & Beyond
Tuesday | 16:30-17:00
Track 3 | Readout With The Professor

2016 Presentations & Workshops

Session: Cardiac | Monday June 20th, 2016

  • CT in Cardiomyopathy

  • CT Imaging of Cardiac Devices such as ICD, CRT, LVAD and Preparation for LAA Occluder

  • Debate: CT-FFR - Fab or Fad? – FAB

  • Debate Rebuttal

Session: Image Management | Wednesday June 22nd, 2016

  • Use of Oncologic Response Evaluation Criteria Outside From Clinical Trials.

  • Can 3D Labs be used to Obtain Standardized Measurements for Oncology Patient Follow-ups?