Benjamin M. Yeh, MD

Dr. Yeh is an abdominal imager at UCSF who heads a contrast material research group to develop next generation contrast agents for CT and MR imaging. A focus of his work is to improve the use of currently available contrast agents to improve clinical imaging in the abdomen and pelvis. Dr. Yeh has particular interest in testing and validating novel clinical and preclinical CT techniques, including dual energy CT imaging and optimized patient-specific scan delays. 

2017 Presentations & Workshops

Single Source MECT
Saturday | 8:05-8:20
Multi-Energy Pre-Symposium Workshop

Quantitation (HU & Iodine)
Saturday | 10:15-10:30
Multi-Energy Pre-Symposium Workshop

Body: GI Tract Pathologies
Saturday | 11:45-12:00
Multi-Energy Pre-Symposium Workshop

Evidence Base For The Use Of Oral Contrast In Cancer & Abdominal Pain
Sunday | 14:20-14:30
Track 1 | Cutting Edge Mini-Symposia

Right Lower Quadrant Pain
Sunday | 16:00-16:30
Track 3 | Readout With The Professor

Professor of Radiology (Section of Abdominal Imaging) | University of California, San Francisco

2016 Presentations & Workshops

Session: DECT Body | Case Based Review on Most Convincing Indications

  • New Materials

  • Q&A

Session: DECT Body Applications

  • Body - GI Tract Pathologies

  • Q&A

Session: Dual Energy | Tuesday June 21st, 2016

  • Dual Energy CT Artifact Reduction in the Abdomen and Pelvis

  • Workstation Demonstrations: Dual Energy Postprocessing Workflow and Getting to PACS

  • Future Contrast Agents for Dual Energy CT