Build Your Customized Agenda For ISCT's 2017 CT Symposium

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We're less than three months away from our 2017 CT symposium, and we can barely contain our excitement! In case you missed it over the weekend, the PDF version of our full program is officially available (download it here). Whether you're a first-time attendee or an experienced veteran, we always recommend taking some time before the symposium to sit down and plan out a personalized agenda. Every year we offer hundreds of incredible talks presented by some of the best and brightest minds in radiology, so it's crucial that attendees go in with a game plan in order to best maximize their time. 

This year, the ISCT has taken steps to make our CT symposium even more robust by offering the option for attendees to customize their program schedule based on their specific interests. This year you'll find hundreds of innovative talks split up into three unique interest-based tracks: Cutting Edge Mini-Symposia, CT Academy, and Readout With The Professor. By organizing the symposium this way, we hope to make it easier for our attendees to select and attend the sessions that best fit their interests. 

isct's annual CT symposium

The introduction of our three-track approach means that there will be multiple talks occurring during most time blocks, so attendees will have even more option available than in previous years! With so many great options on the table, it's going to be tough to choose which talks to attend. Attendees will benefit from spending some time browsing through the full program now and beginning to select the talks that most interest them. There's so much to be learned at our annual CT symposium, and going in with an agenda will help attendees best maximize their time there. 

Download our full program to begin planning your ISCT 2017 agenda.